Location of Taylor County, Georgia Cemeteries by GPS Coordinates with General Directions
Sources: 1. 'Cemeteries of Taylor County, Georgia', Guelda L. Hay & Millie C. Stewart, CGGC Society, 1990.
2. www.findagrave.com. 3. www.usgwtombstones.org/georgia/taylor/html. 4. www.qpublic.net/ga/taylor/search.html
(Taylor Co. tax map). 5. www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gataylor/ 6. Personal knowledge [Joseph Warren Windham]
Warning: Cemeteries on private property may require permission/permit before accessing.
Location Info: If exact location not found on map and district & landlot are known, an approximate corner of the landlot is
indicated and shown. NOTES: 1. *Google Maps format. Google Maps can convert to standard format. 2. If you know of any
cemetery missed and/or information on these please use contact information below list to notify and this page will be updated.
3. Directions for reference only. Check current street information before making a trip. Predominantly Black
Cemetery Names [Miscellaneous info: aka, LL corner point, etc] GPS Coordinates*
  Location: General Directions with District, Land Lot, Other Info
Amerson Family Cemetery  
Reynolds: [btwn Butler & Potterville on Cox prop] {Where is/was Cox property}
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery 32.69860, -84.25830
Butler: US19N, to '2093 Thomaston Hwy", W-Side
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery 32.69170, -84.26892
Butler: US19N, W on 'Wesley Church Rd', N-Side, behind church.
Archibald Hill Family Cemetery [aka: Hill Family Cemetery] 32.38435, -84.28338
Rupert: US19S, E on 'Taylor Line Rd' continue on 'Prosperity Church Rd', NW-Side, 200' in woods, LD-3, LL-163
Barfield-Shepherd Cemetery [aka: Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cemetery]  
Butler: See:Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cemetery
Beeland Cemetery [aka: Beeland-Shine Cemetery, Shine Cemetery, Thomas T Shine Cemetery]  
See: Thomas T Shine Cemetery
Beeland-Shine Cemetery [aka: Beeland, Shine Cemetery, Thomas T Shine Cemetery]  
See: Thomas T Shine Cemetery
Beeland-Wiggins Cemetery [aka Wiggins Cemetery]  
See: Wiggins Cemetery
Bentley-Carson Cemetery 32.568572, -84.093629
Reynolds: GA128N, W-Side. [within old city limits]
Bethel Cemetery 32.536638, -84.245932
Butler: US19S, Adjacent to Bethel Primative Church Cemetery, outside E fence, between Church & US19S
Bethel Primative Baptist Church Cemetery 32.53628, -84.24685
Butler: US19S, W on 'Bethel Church Rd', N-Side inside fence.
Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery 32.47134, -84.17077
Potterville: GA128S, GA195W, 'Tommy Purvis Rd', thru Pottervile, E on 'Whipporwill Rd', L at Fork
Bickley Cemetery [Be careful during hunting season] 32.15990, -84300520
Howard: NE on 'Wesley Ch Rd', E on 'Bickley Rd' to jct 'Lamar Rd', S-Side, in woods [0.1mi ?].Not Located
Blair Cemetery [Destroyed in 1990s?. Mkrs were to be moved to Mt Olive Ch Cemetery] 32.518827, -84.112335
Reynolds: GA128S, abt 1 mi, W on GA195 'Tommy Purvis Rd, around sharp left curve, E-Side in woods, approx loc
Bradford Cemetery [Hist Marker E past rd on N-Side] 32.65539, -84.17402
Fickling Mill: GA137E, S-Side, wooded road, abt 1/4 mi in, R-Side. [Coordinates shown 1/4 mi in]
Brand Family Cemetery 32.549746, -84.149910
Reynolds: GA96W, S on 'Rustin Rd', SW on 'Goose Hollow Rd', NW-Side, Fenced. LD-13, LL-251
Brewer Cemetery 32.50720, -84.27060
Butler: US19S, W on 'Fountain Rd', S on same, W on 'Fountain Rd', [abt 1.1 mi], S-Side, LD-12, LL-235
Brightwater Cemetery  
See: Hosley Family Cemetery
Brooks-Goodwin-Shine Cemetery 32.668008, -84.191916
Butler: US19N, GA263W, past 'Damascus Ch', around curve, S-Side, in grove ? abt 450', LD-14, LL-110,
Col. Burwell McCullers Gravesite  
See: McCullers Gravesite
Butler Baptist Church Cemetery 32.55609, -84.24147
See: Butler Memorial Cemetery
Butler City Cemetery  
See: Butler Memorial Cemetery
Butler Memorial Cemetery 32.55609, -84.24147
Butler: US19S, W on 'Cedar St', S-Side
Butler United Methodist Church Cemetery 32.55565, -84.23544
Butler: 'E Main St.'E, S on Hemlock St, past church, E-Side
Butts Cemetery [Land Lot map shows LD-24, LL-99, Coord indicate SE cnr of LL] 32.695384, -84.319472
Carsonville: S on 'Lawdon Rd', abt mi, W on 'unnamed Rd' 'Butts Cemetery Rd', 1/2mi past Power lines, N-Side.
Byrd-Glover Cemetery 32.60690, -84.11890
Reynolds: GA128N, GA263W 'Crowell Church Rd', E-Side
Carsonville Methodist Episcopal Meeting House Cemetery 32.711893, -84.290154
Carsonville: S on 'Lawdon Rd', W-Side behind houses. Church torn down 1925. LD-24, LL-131
Carter Cemetery  
Chambliss Cemetery [aka: Corbin Family Cemetery] 32.66411, -84.11085
Reynolds: From JCT GA128 & GA137W 'Old Wire Rd', less than 1 mi, S-Side under tree. Low wall enclosure
Church Cemetery 32.59944, -84.23879
Butler: US19N, past 'Lewis Watson Rd', E-Side
Cleveland Cemetery  
Butler: GA96E, abt 5 mi, S on dirt rd, abt 2 mi, W on dirt rd, abt 1/4 mi
Colonel Brewer Cemetery 32.50720, -84.27060
See: Brewer Cemetery
Corbin African-American Cemetery  
See: Foster Place Cemetery
Corbin Family Cemetery 32.66411, -84.11085
See: Chambliss Cemetery
Corbitt Methodist Church Cemetery 32.50720, -84.27060
See: Brewer Cemetery
Crowell Cemetery [Original, N-side GA137, ca 1827] [Most markers outside fence destroyed] 32.655751, -84.145681
Reynolds: Flint River GA128S, GA137W, N-Side before JCT GA263S 'Crowell Church Rd'
Crowell Cemetery [Currently area] 32.65470, -84.14580
Reynolds: Flint River GA128S, GA137W, S-Side before jct GA263S 'Crowell Church Rd'
Duke Family Cemetery [Coord: Stand of large trees by road. Cem in abt 50 yds] 32.417585, -84.322155
Rupert: GA90/127W, S on 'Gallahan Rd', SE on 'Jaye Rd', L-Side. Wh metal pole & marked tree. LD-3, LL-231
Durham Family Cemetery  
Essie McDougald Cemetery 32.55589, -84.20734
Butler: GA96E, N on 'Martin Luther King Blvd, E on 'Lofton McDaniel Rd', past 'Woodall Ln', N-Side
Essie McDougald Memorial Gardens  
See: Essis McDougald Cemetery
Evergreen Baptist Church Cemetery 32.50243, -84.41698
Mauk: GA90N, E on 'Evergreen Rd.', S fork onto 'Edward Green Rd., W-Side
Foster Place Cemetery [aka: Corbin African-American Cemetery] 32.66398, -84.10886
Fickling Mill: GA137W, S-Side, before jct GA 263S 'Crowell Church Rd'
Free Run Baptist Church Cemetery  
See: New Free Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Glover Cemetery  
See: Byrd-Glover Cemetery
Gray Cemetery [No information found]  
Gray Cemetery [per Taylor Co.Tax Assessors map, parcel # 049033] [aka: Harris Cemetery] 32.69440, -84.226037
Butler: US19N, CR106E, '8 Point Rd' [CR106], past 'Doe Run Rd' [CR107], N-Side, behind fence,1 acre plot
Gray-Harris Cemetery 32.69761, -84.25260
Carsonville: US19N, N of CR106 '8 Point Rd', E-Side, dirt field rd. [per 'Find A Grave' website]
Gunn Family Cemetery [Coord mark street address only [91+ acres], not cemetery] 32.624987, -84.314849
Butler: US19N, W on 'Wilson Rd', SW on Bickley Rd', N on 'Suddeth Rd', W-Side. [361 Suddeth Rd. no Hse.]
Harris Cemetery [ aka: Gray Cemetery]  
See: Gray Cemetery
Hart Family Cemetery 32.53281, -84.43352
Mauk: GA90N, about 2.2 mi, E-Side, in woods before 'Mauk Rd'
Hayes Buryin Ground 32.54780, -84.43860
See: Pine Level Cemetery
Heritage Baptist Church Cemetery 32.54780, -84.10140
See: New Hope Cemetery
Hickory Hollow Cemetery 32.62838, -84.35347
Howard: N on 'Wesley Church Rd', X-RR, past 'Parker Rd', S/of 'Culverhouse Rd', W-Side, in woods.
Hicks Cemetery 32.484409, -84.093824
Reynolds: GA128S, btwn CR55 & 'Butler Mill Rd', E-Side, in edge of woods.
Hill Family Cemetery 32.38435, -84.28338
See:Archibald Hill Family Cemetery
Hillcrest Cemetery [aka: Reynolds City Cemetery] 32.55980 -84.08965
Reynolds: GA96E, N on 'Crest Hill St.', X-RR at city water tank.
Holsey Family Cemetery [aka: Brightwater Cem]. [Coord. approx. SE Cnr LD-14, LL-35] 32.571994, -84.224391
Butler: Loc. Btwn US19N & GA137NW. SE section LL-35. [Not located. NW of Coordinates listed.]
Howard United Methodist Church Cemetery 32.59723, -84.38131
Howard: N on 'Wesley Church Rd', X-RR, N-Side X-from church.
Ingram Cemetery  
Jinks Streetman Cemetery [LD-12, LL-140. Loc per Taylor Co., Tax Assessor Map] 32.521240, -84.322938
Butler: GA137S, past 'Whitewater Ck', NW on 'Currington Rd' [CR30/40], S on 'Scotts Rd' [CR8], E-Side
Johnson Family Cemetery [Coord: NE cnr of LD-2, LL146, Cem not located] 32.416968, -84.187304
Reynolds:GA128S, GA127W, S on 'Shehee Layfield Rd', at curve, W-Side; D2, LL-146. [Macon Co. line past curve]
Layfield Cemetery [Coord: LD-12, LL-105 access. Access Permission Required] 32.49936, -84.35623
Mauk: GA90E, GA127N, NW-Side, In woods, Fenced
Lietenant Colonel Brewer Cemetery  
See: Brewer Cemetery
Little Vine Cemetery [NOT another name for "New Hope Cemetery'] 32.546303, -84.101246
Reynolds: GA128S, W on 'Little Vine St', S on "Little Vine Rd', S/of New Hope Cemetery, W-Side
Lloyd-Scott Cemetery  
See: Scott Family Cemetery ???
Lockhart Cemetery 32.62780, -84.13170
Reynolds: GA128N, GA263NW, W 0n 'Buster Rd', 0.3mi, S-Side.
Lucas Cemetery 32.63420, -84.09560
Reynolds: GA128N, E on dirt Rd, X-from 'E T Eubanks Rd',
Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery 32.542534, -84.12516
Reynolds: GA96W, S on 'Sumter St', S on 'Pebble Rd' [CR251], W-Side, by church.
Martin Cemetery 32.56994, -84.29222
  Butler: US96W, past Power sub station, S on 'Back Rd', E-Side, in woods
Mauk Cemetery 32.50824, -84.42255
Mauk: GA90NW, X-RR, 0.36 mi, E-Side
McCrary Family Cemetery [@ jct of 'Buster Rd', on 1 acre lot, S-Side. {my guess}] 32.625898, -84.148065
Ficklings Mill: GA137W, past Wainwright Cem Rd', E on 'Feagin Rd', S-Side, In the woods. LD-14, LL-168
McCullers Gravesite 32.556875, -84.066749
Reynolds: GA96E, past 'John B.Gordon Rd', S-Side, In field, LD-1, LL-270/277. [Lg Magnolia Tree was there]
McDougald Cemetery  
See: Essis McDougald Cemetery
Midway Baptist Church Cemetery 32.65190, -84.19720
Ficklings Mill: GA208W, past 'Wainwright Rd', S-Side [1 mi E of Church]
Miller Family Cemetery  
Butler: Behind Ga Power Building & Butler Grammer School. [Not located]
Mitchell Cemetery 32.70966, -84.23898
Butler: US19N, past 'N 8 Point Rd', W-Side, in clump of trees near rd.before US80W JCT.
Montgomery Cemetery  
Mauk: [Not Located]
Mount Gillard Baptist Church Cemetery 32.62935, -84.12745
Reynolds: GA128N, GA263W, W on 'Buster Rd', N-Side, behind church
Mount Nebo Primative Baptist Church Cemetery [aka: Bloodworth Cemetery] 32.46060, -84.34750
Butler: GA137S to Charing, before RR, E on 'Mt Nebo Church Rd', behind church
Mount Olive Church Cemetery  
See: Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery
Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery 32.50830, -84.12140
Potterville: GA195S, CR182E, 'Mt Olive Church Rd., end of road
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery 32.50690, -84.20610
Butler: GA96E, S on 'Oak St', cont on 'Cross Roads School Rd', W on 'M D Kirksey Rd'. N-Side
Mount Sinai Cemetery [aka: Barfield-Shepherd Cemetery] 32.44250 -84.23670
Rupert: US19S, GA127E, Past 'Carpenter Rd' CR222, S on field Rd thru woods LD-13, LL47
Mount Zion Community Baptist Church Cemetery 32.56388, -84.22200
Butler: GA96E, GA137N, R on 'Georgia Rd', R-Side behind Church. [No signs seen]
Neisler Family Cemetery 32.556807, -84.066755
Howard: [on Wainwright property off Ga 137]
New Free Run Baptist Church Cemetery [aka: Free Run Baptist Church Cem.] 32.52186, -84.05961
Reynolds: GA128S, E on 'Marshall Rd.', N-Side, Almost to "John B Gordon Rd' jct.
New Hope Cemetery [aka: Heritage Baptist Church Cemetery] 32.54780, -84.10140
Reynolds: Ga128S, W on 'Little Vine St', S on 'Little Vine Rd', W-Side, S of Heritage Baptist Church [Same drive]
New Prospect Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery [aka: 'Possum Trot'] 32.57920, -84.12890
Reynolds: GA128N, W on 'W Railroad St', N X-RR on 'Whatley Pond Rd', L on 'New Prospect Church Rd', S Side.
Newsome Cemetery [aka: Newsome Rd Cemetery] 32.54470, -84.08920
Reynolds: GA96E, S on 'S Liberty St', continue on 'Newsome Rd', E-Side, in trees. [LD-01, LL-258]
Parr Family Cemetery [Parcel # 070 005 A on Tax Assessors map] 32.65589, -84.16037
Reynolds: GA128N, GA263W, GA137W, Past 'Jeff Young Rd', S-Side, on bank. [LD-14, LL147]
Persons Walker Family Cemetery [Start of LD-24, LL-135, E-Side line] 32.690265, -84.275331
Butler: US19N, W on 'Wesley Church Rd', past creek & '5 Point Rd', N-Side, [General Location. Cemetery not found]
Philmon Family Cemetery [Marker] {Spelled 'Philman' in some census & other records} 32.634101, -84.121076
Reynolds: GA128N, GA263W 'Crowell Ch Rd', E on 'Buster Rd' [Milton Lowe Rd] 4/10 mi,. SE side up on bank
Pilgrim Rest Primative Church Cemetery 32.53569, -84.30850
Butler: GA137SW, NW on 'McCall Rd', 'Pilgrim Rest Church Rd', [CR239], S-Side, beside church.
Pine Lever Cemetery [aka: Hayes Buryin Ground, Hayes Campground] 32.54780, -84.43860
Mauk: Off GA90S, W on 'Hayes Rd',
Pope Cemetery [Coord. approx NW Cnr LD-14, LL-78] 32.669421, -84.204438
Ficklings Mill: off CR108, LD-14, LL-78. Access Permission Required.
Possum Trot Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery  
See: New Prospect Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery
Pounds Family Cemetery 32.63473, -84.35311
Howard: Wesley Ch Rd.
Prosperity Cemetery 32.40690, -84.27190
Rupert: US19S, GA127E, CR195S 'Prosperity Church Rd', E-Side before church
Pyron Cemetery [LD-14, LL-155 per Tax Assessors Map] 32.587698, -84.160626
Reynolds: GA96W, N on "Hicks Rd' abt 2.3 m, W on woods rd abt 1K feet. Bef JCT with 'Suggs Mill Pond Rd.
Red Level Cemetery [No location information found]  
Reynolds City Cemetery  
See: Hillcrest Cemetery
Robinson Family Cemetery [No information found]  
Butler: GA137, W-Side behind Lg Wh Hse leaving Butler. [Leaving E or W?] [Not Found]
Rocky Mount Baptist Church Cemetery 32.66809, -84.16554
Reynolds: GA128N, GA263W, GA137E, GA263W, Past 'Jeff Young Rd' [N end], S-Side
Roquemore Cemetery 32.636858, -84.262728
Butler: on 'Union Ch Rd' w/wire fence separating from Union UMC Cem. Some mkrs destroyed. [Est. Location]
Royal Familly Cemetery  
Saint James AME Cemetery 32.59455, -84.39311
Howard: GA96W, NE on 'Brown Rd' [1st right], N-Side, E side of church
Sand Bethel Church Cemetery 32.40810, -84.29810
Butler: US19S, past GA127, past CR201, W-Side
Scott Family Cemetery [aka: Lloyd-Scott Cemetery] 32.588500, -84.319929
Butler: GA96W, 4 mi W, N-Side, X-RR, in field behind house, 1 acre LD-12, LL-102;
Scott -Bussy Cemetery 32.65060,-84.34440
Butler: GA96W, N on 'Culverhouse Rd' to end, NE on 'Wesley Ch Rd', N-Side in field
Searcy Cemetery [Exact location NOT found. SE cnr LL indicated] 32.663375, -84.339513
Wesley: GA208W, N on 'Bumblebee Trail', LD-15, LL-174 is NW of 1st curve. [all Timber Co land]
Shehee Family Cemetery  
Butler: Near old Bateman Mill, off CR152, LD-12, LL-77 ??
Sheridan Family Cemetery [SE Cnr approx, LD-15, LL-79] LD-24, LL-79 ?] 32.671074, -84.291234
Carsonville: LD-15, LL-79, 1.5a
Shine Cemetery  
See: Thomas T Shine Cemetery
Silver Run Primative Baptist Cemetery [aka: Silver Branch Cemetery] 32.531995, -84.308611
Butler: GA137SW, NW on 'McCall Rd'/'Pilgrim Rest Ch Rd', [CR239], around curve. [Coord.SE cnr LL-147]
Taylor Mill Baptist Church Cemetery 32.51370, -84.11887
Potterville: GA195E '1150 Tommy Purvis Jr Rd', S-Side behind Church.
Thomas T Shine Cemetery [aka: Beeland, Beeland-Shine Cemetery; Shine Cemetery] 32.594799, -84.093096
Reynolds: GA128N, W on 'Shine Rd', N-Side
Tommy Turner Burial Place  
Reynolds: Turner field on Flint River. [ "Notes on Turner Bur Pl," 12 Jan '32. Beeland owned & killed self, prop pass dn.]
Trinity Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery 32.47834, -84.38917
Mauk: GA127/90E, NE-Side, X-from Church.
Turners Chapel Cemetery 32.60970, -84.19110
Butler: GA96E, GA127N, Past 'Robinson Rd', W-Side btwn new and old church
Union United Methodist Church Cemetery 32.63751, -84.26339
Butler: US19N, past 'McCants Mill Pond', W on Wilson Rd, N on Union Church Rd', E-Side
Wade Family Cemetery [LD-2, LL-18 not in Taylor Co., in Macon Co.]  
Butler: off GA127, LD-2, LL-18. [Not in Taylor Co.] [??? sure it's not Land Dist 13 ???]
Wainwright Cemetery 32.62750, -84.16860
Butler: GA96E, GA137N, past Turners Chapel, E on 'Wainwright Cemetery Rd', N-Side
Welcome Home Baptist Church Cemetery  
See: West End Cemetery
Wesley United Methodist Church Cemetery 32.65830, -84.33030
Wesley: Jct GA208W & 'Wesley Church Rd', Church on S cnr, Cemetery behind church
West End Cemetery [aka: Welcome Home Baptist Church Cemetery] 32.55453, -84.24447
Butler: US19S, W on 'Cedar St', S on 'Tower St', W-Side @ cnr 'Hollie St'. 'Church X-Hollie St.'
White Hill Cemetery 32.59640, -84.09670
Reynolds: GA128N, W on 'Nelson Rd', N on 'J E Bentley Rd', N-Side
Wiggins Family Cemetery [aka: Beeland-Wiggins Cemetery] 32.604320, -84.102750
Reynolds: GA128N, W on 'Nelson Rd, W on Rachel Rd, N-Side, In field behind house. [LD-14, LL-224. Approx Coord]
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