16TH Militia District Emanuel, Laurens and Johnson Counties Officers Reorganization---May 1864


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In late 1863 it became evident that Georgia would probably attacked by the spring of 1864. The terms of many of the home guard forces were due to expire in February of 1864, and there was little hope of receiving significant outside reinforcements. As a re- .t the legislature passed an act on December 14, 1863, to reorganize, and strengthen the heretofore inactive Georgia Militia. Each state senatorial district was designated a military district and assigned aide-de-camp. It was his duty to appoint officers and enlist all eligible white males between the ages of sixteen and sixty who had not entered service. These men would be divided into two groups: the Militia Proper (First Class) and the Militia Reserve (Second Class).  The Militia Proper consisted of men between seventeen and fifty and would be activated by the Governor. The Militia Reserve contained men sixteen and seventeen years old and those between fifty and sixty and could be activated in emergency situations if the Militia proper was not adequate.


Emanuel County was assigned to the 16th Military District, starting with Laurens and Johnson Counties." T. A. Parsons of Johnson County was appointed aide-de-camp, but resigned on March 25, 1864. He was replaced by G. T. Kellum,  also of Johnson County.  John H. Sherrod of Emanuel County, who had earlier been an officer in Company C, 18th Regiment, became examining surgeon of the new military district.


Under the new organization, Emanuel County was divided into Three companies. The officers for these units, as of May 1864, were:


Major                        Henry G. Wright

Adjutant                    George McLeod


First Company


Captain                     John R. Prescott

lst Lieutenant            Daniel G. Hall

2rd Lieutenant           William L. Tapley

3rd Lieutenant           W. C. Phillips

4th Lieutenant           John Coleman


Second Company


Captain                         George W. Clifton

I st Lieutenant               B. F. Kirkland

2rd Lieutenant               D. B. Johnson

3rd Lieutenant               Zachariah Lewis

4th Lieutenant               W. L. Coleman


Third Company


Captain                         D. J. Edenfield

1st Lieutenant               J. A. Brinson

2nd Lieutenant              S. Youngblood

3rd Lieutenant              Allen Roundtree

4th Lieutenant                Samuel Brown


In the first months of 1864 General William T. Sherman began the Union march into Georgia from Tennessee. By May their line reached as far as Cassville. On May 18 Governor Brown ordered that all commissioned officers of the state militia report for duty to Atlanta. This placed an extreme hardship on Emanuel County. The state appropriated funds to buy food for the families of soldiers away in battle, find several of the agents distributing the food were in the group of militia officers scheduled to report to Atlanta. The local Inferior Court justices appealed to Governor Brown for relief:



Our situation in this County is rather distressing at this time. We have appointed agents here for the distribution of Corn etc to the indigent families of Soldiers and under your late order most if not all Said agents have been ordered to report at Atlanta (sic) none of these agents have completed the work for which they were appointed and still numbers of the poor are not Served. If it Meets with the approval of your (sic) Excellency we would be glad to get a part of them back if not at all.


Yours respectfully,

Lott Barwick

G. H. Sherrod

P. B. Wever

G. S. Rountree

Anthony Phillips


Governor Brown's reply does not survive.


This information comes from "Footprints Along the Hoopee”.



Co. H., Second Regiment, Georgia State Line (Roster)

(Washington, Warren, and Emanuel Counties, "Joe Brown Volunteers")





Capt.:       Evans, B. D.

Hundley, Thos. S.

1st Lt.:       Harris, Wm. R.

2nd Lt.:     Clay, Nicholas H.

3rd Lt.:      Cason, A. H.

Ist Sgt.:     Slade, Simon D.

Lewis, Z.

2nd Sgt.:   Ivey, Benjamin

Pace,  J. C.

3rd Sgt.:   Cason, L. A.

Downs, G. W.

4th Sgt.:    Harris, Benj. If.

Curry, S. K.

Lewis, Z.

Bowling, W. J.

5th Sgt.:   Harris, Benj. C.

Pace, John C.

O’Tyson, W. C.

Ist Cpl.:    Hall, Isaac B.

Pace, J. C.

Hart, A.

2nd Cpl.:   Anderson, Wm.

Usrey, M. D. C.

Collier, E. S.

3rd EpL-   Hart Absalom

Clarke, W. E.

Colvin, D. J. E.

4th Cpl.:   Usry, M. D. C.

O'T'yson, W. C.

Whigham, J. W.


("H" Company, Second Regiment)



Aldred, A. W.

Anderson, A. S.

Avant, J. A.

Avery, Archy

Bennett, Calvin

Bennett, John

Birdsong, Albert

Birdsong, Asberry

Bowling, Wm.

Brantley, J. I,.

Brantley, Wm. G.

Braswell, W. M.

Brown, S. J.

Bynum, C. F.

Carnp, Zebedee


Cheely, Henry

Clarke, W. E.

Coleman, J. W.

Colvin, D. J. E.

Curry, S. K.

Dekle, W. W.

Downs, G. W.


Fulghum, James

Gaines, S. W.

Hanberry, Isaiah

Hanberry, Jeremiah

Harper, Henrv

Harrell, C. A.

Harris, B. F.

Harris, J. B.

Harrison, J. M,

Harrison, W. T.

Hart, J. E. Hart, R. J.





Hodges. L. A

Holly, E. S.

Hood. Robert

Howell. Eli--,ha

Hubert, J. H.

lvev, Adam

Ivey. G. W.

Jones, Braswell

Jones, Joseph

Jordan. A. F.

Kelly, Allen

Kirkland, B. F.

Kitchens, Aaron

Kitchens, J. H.

Landers, Moses

Lewis, Zachariah

Logue, Brinson

Lowe, C. C.

Marsh, S. S.

Mathews, Joseph .

Mc(',ord, R. W.

Mills, J. W.

Mills, W. R.

Munford, John

Neal, John W.

Neal, T. F.

Norris. James W.

Ollif, Joseph

O'Tyson, W. C.

Overstreet, John E.

Parham, W. H.

Pate, Hilman

Pittman, John

Railey, Charles

Reynolds, J. W.

Rivers, J. M.

Roberts. John W.

Scott. Jam" T.

Shirley, Wm. A.

Shirling, Wm. F.

Smith, Henry S.

Smith, Thos. S.

Smith, W. A.

Smith, W.M.

Smith, Zachariah

Stapleton, Thomas

Stephens, James

Sutton. A, L.

Swint, Joseph

Tanner, David F.

Tanner, John D.

Tanner, Miles

Tanton, Asa

Tanton, Henry

Thompson. Charles

Underwood. W. D.

Veal, J. H.

Veal, Reuben H.

Vinson,  D. H.

Wales, Thomas L.

Walker, K. H.

Walton, E. W,

Warren, M. L.

Waton, J. W.

Wilaford, Barney

Wood, J. W.

Yarbrough, John

Yates, J. D.

Young, C. W.



First Division Georgia Militia (Roster)


Company B

Emanuel County

Captain D. A. Green

Private Miles Fitzgerald

Private William Flanagan

Private E.B. Gilbert

Private Obediah Lewis

Private M.J. Nelson


Company H

Emanuel & Warren Counties

Captain Alfred Coleman

1st Lieutenant  E. J. Coleman

1st Sergeant  W. R. King

1st Sergeant John W. McArthur

(Wounded in side at Griswoldville)

Private L. M. Adams

Private Matthew B. Adams

Private Thomas B. Adams

(Wounded in head at Griswoldville)

Private A.H.S., Anderson

Private W. B. Beacham

Private Math Bell

Private A. H. Birdsong

Private John Bragg

Private Zeb Camp

Private M. E. Chapman

Private E. J. Coleman

Private J. A. Coleman

Private Thorton Coleman

Private Joseph E Davis

Private A. T. Durden

Private Jerry Dixon

Private Zack Douglas

Private A. T. Durden

Private Lott Durden

Private Jesse J . Duggan

Private James H. Edwards

Private J. J Evans

Private John Flynn

Private Benjamin F. Harris

Private Jonathan Hart

Private Robert Hood

Private William D. Hooks

Private W. R. Kemp

Private Joseph H. Kitchen

Private Thomas Kent

Private George Martin

Private Coleman Mobley

Private John J. Munford

Private B. W. Odom

Private Wilson Pettis

Private Martin Radford

Private Allen Roundtree

(Wounded left shoulder  at Honev Hill)

Private James Stinson

Private J. W. Spinks,

Private J.G. Thompson

Private William Underwood

Private Thomas M. Waldrop

Private Robert E. McWilliams


Company E  Emanuel

Muscogee, Pulaski, Jackson Counties

Captaiii.4rch Pittiptatt

(Killed at Griswoldville)

Private Washington Arnold

Private Benjamin Adair

Private Hugh Adkins

Private E. P. Ayers

Private Milton Bailey

Private S. E. Bailey

Private M. P. Barnett

Private Hosea Bennett

Private J. E Bowden

Private David Burger

Private H.H. Brock

Private John Chapman

Private Albert Cook

Private Calvin Cox

Private Frank David

Private Haden David

Private Jones A41ce

Private Marshall Duke

Private A. N. Elrod

Private John P. English

Private William F. Frazier

Private Thomas Hardv

Private Perry harrison

Private T P. Harrison

Private Cap Highfield

Private J. H. Highland

Private Mans Hinton

Private J. H Head

Private Carey Johnson

Private James Kea

Private A. Lemons

Private David LeSueur

Private T A. Little

Private Mation Lott

Private David Lyle

Private Byrd Lyle

Private William Lyle

Private Joseph Marlow

Private John Martin

(Killed near- Griffin, August, 1864)

Private John J. Mitchell

Private Henry Moody

Private Alsa Moore

Private J. A. Moore

Private Robert Morris

Private William Murray

Private John McCune

Private Stewart McElhannon

Private J. G. McLester

Private Thomas Nix

Private Sanford Pressley Orr

Private Pompey Page

Private Sell Parks

Private Cobb Pittman

Private William Potts

Private J. W. Pruitt

Private J. H. C Randolph

Private James E. Randolph

Private James Reynolds

Ph late Stephen Roberts

Private Blake Rogers

Private Jack Rogers

Private Francis Washington Segars

Private Mark Sell

Private Sam Smith

Private T. J. Stapler

Private Addison Storey

(Discharged August 17. 1864  with malformed left foot)

Private C T. Storey

Private J.A.  Story

Private James Thompson

Private L. Thurmond

Private James Vandiver

Private George Walker

(Wounded at Griswoldville)

Private Press Walker

Private Lute Watkins

Private William White

Private Frank Wilbanks

Private Sanford Williamson

Private L. C Wilson

Private W. W. Wofford


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