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(This may seem a somewhat strange listing, but I think it is important to convey Mr. Robinson's feelings regarding the desecration

 of this old cemetery.  While he included a partial list, the information on others buried there has been lost.  Let's do everything in our power

to preserve our old cemeteries. Another reason for posting his entire message is the family history on the Lavender Line and connection to

the Robinson's)

(Mr. Robinson passed away several years after this was originally posted.  I believe many of his files have been donated to The Carroll County

Genealogical Society, Carrollton, Ga.)

To: Liz Robertson
From: Angus P. Robinson
 November 13, 1999 6:25 PM

Subject:    Re: Haralson Co Cemeteries

Good Evening Liz,

I suspect, but admittedly I don’t have the evidence, that your David Robertson was distantly related to my line. The only difference between my kin

and yours is ours passed down the Jeffrey or Jefferson given name to the mid-1800’s. After that the given name Jeffrey was dropped from usage.


Do you know (____ ____). He is the man who owns the property where my ancestor John W. Robinson and George M. Lavender lived. Lavender

lived on the knoll where (SIC) house is built. Across the street, in the middle of his pasture, was where the old Robinson cemetery was located.

Ask (Sic) to show you the shattered portions of the Lavender tombstone.


There were quite a number of people buried in our private cemetery including family members, neighbors, slaves and Indian’s. According to local

tradition one of the (Sic) wanted to expand his pasture and removed all the stones. Today cows defecate and urinate on those old graves. There

was a Mann line who lived across the river. They are also buried in the Robinson cemetery along with a lady named Sarah Hundley Pendleton. 

She married Joseph Pendleton up in Virginia quite a few years before the War Between the States broke out. She owned a large plantation.

When war swept through that area her home was burned down around her shoulders by the Yankee soldiers. Her son, Henry Clay Pendleton,

brought her south with him. His father died before this and was buried in their own family cemetery. Here is something you might find interesting

 on this line. Henry married my GrAunt Nancy E. Robinson.


I’ll try and find the listing for all those buried in the old Robinson cemetery. I can tell you another source for the same information. Mrs. Lois Newman

 compiled and had printed a massive history of Haralson and former Carroll County. In her book, probably a copy is in the Library in Carrollton.

She listed all those known to be buried in the old Robinson cemetery. There are no records for the slaves or Indian’s. GrGrandpa John had a

trading post on his property. Angus


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5-113 Nancy Elizabeth Robinson, b. 13 Aug. 1845, nr. Tallapoosa, GA, d. 10 Mar. 1927, Clarkston, GA; mar. 8 Apr. 1869, Atlanta, GA, Henry

Clay Pendleton, b. 29 Mar. 1842, King and Queen Co., VA; d. 6 Feb. 1931, Clarkston, Habersham Co., GA, son of Joseph H. and Sarah M. (Hundley) Pendleton, b. VA. His parents were born on, respectively:

b. 19 Dec. 1809, Va., d. 1848, VA and b. 1814, VA. and d. 1901, Haralson Co., GA.

Henry was a Captain in Co. “K”, 34th Confederate Infantry, Army of Virginia, known as the “Bloody 34th” because of its high casualties. His right

elbow was shattered by a mini-ball on 18 May 1864 and he was sent home to recover. While enroute to rejoin his unit, he was told of a column

of Union Cavalry heading toward town. With the help of teenage boys and recovering wounded Confederate soldiers, the Yankee column were

ambushed. During the melee Col. Dahlgren, U.S. Army, was killed and a number of Union troopers were captured along with all of their equipment.

 To show appreciation the State of Virginia awarded Col. Dahlgren’s horse, arms and equipment to Captain Pendleton. (Ref.: “William and Mary

Quarterly Hist. Mag.”, Vol. XII, Second series, January, 1932, No. 1; also see: “Genealogies of Virginia Families”, Tyler’s Quarterly, Vol. II, by



Col. Dahlgren was a member of the Dahlgren family whose cannon killed so many Confederate Soldiers. One of the Dahlgren men designed

this cannon.


At the end of the war Capt. Pendleton returned to King and Queen County to find his plantation home burned so he moved south to Georgia with

 his widowed mother, Sarah (Hundley) Pendleton. There he met and married Nancy E. Robinson. After his mother died in 1901 she was buried

in the old Robinson family grave yard on Land Lot 174, Dist 8, north of Tallapoosa, GA. No tombstones remain on any of the graves.

Issue: 6-351 Walter Holmes Pendleton, b. 4 June 1870, Rome, GA, d. 28 Aug. 1870.

      6-352 +Eugene Robinson Pendleton, b. 14 Nov. 1871, Atlanta, GA, d. after 1960 in Signal Mountain, TN; mar. Ann Furman.

He was a Methodist Minister.

      6-353 +Harry (Henry) Clay Pendleton, b. 6 Dec. 1873, Atlanta, GA; mar. (1) --? ?---; mar. (2) --?--

      6-354 +Louis Baylor Pendleton, b. 19 Nov. 1875, Atlanta, GA; mar. Bertha Auce Evans.

      6-355 +Richard Hundley Pendleton, b. 26 Oct. 1877, Atlanta, GA; mar. Evelyn Oelkers

      6-356 +Nellie  Isabelle Pendleton, b. 12 Aug. 1879, Atlanta, GA; mar. James Bledsoe Armstrong.

      6-357  +William Albert Pendleton, b. 3 Oct. 1881, Atlanta, GA. He never married.

      6-358 +Virginia Fay Pendleton, b. 22 Dec. 1883, Atlanta, GA; mar. (1) Frank G. Smith; mar. (2) Iray Talmadge Hill

      6-359 Ethel Lenoir Pendleton, b. 12 Oct. 1886, Atlanta, GA. No further information available.

      6-360 Roy Lavender  Pendleton, b. 10 Mar. 1890, Atlanta, GA. He mar. twice. No further information known.


Burials in Robinson/Lavender Cemetery:

George Michael Robinson born and died 1830
Mary “Polly” Adams Robinson, d. 17 Oct 1833 (Mother of John Robinson, Rev. War Widow)
George Michael Lavender, 1800 – 1939 (Bro. of Polly Lavender Robinson, John’s wife)
Nancy Elizabeth Robinson, 1840 – 1845 (d/o John and Polly)
Mary Polly Lavender Robinson. 1805 – 1846 (1st Wife of John Robinson)
John Lavender Robinson. 1828 – 1860 (S/O John and Polly)
Saphronia N. C. Robinson Storey. 1823 – 1848 (d/o John and Polly. W/o Simon B. Storey)
Caroline Frances Robinson, 1850 – 1852 (d/o John and second wife Martha Fain Robinson)
Possibly Madison G. Harper, died 1868 (Son in Law of John Robinson)
Mary E. Robinson, b Dec. 26, 1847, died: Feb. 27, 1848 (d/o John Lavender Robinson)
Sarah Huntley Pendleton, 1814 – 1901. (Mother in Law of Rev. Thomas A. Higdon) Her son married John Robinson’s son)
Jesse Mann, 1798 – 1862 Father of W. D. F. Mann, Jeremiah Coke Mann)
Sarah Gober Mann, 1797 – 1860 (Wife of Jesse Mann)
Synthia Ann Brooks Mann.  No dates (First wife of John W. Mann)
John Crawford,  No dates. (Son in law of Andrew J. Head)
Henry Manning.  No dates

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