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There are over 100 cemeteries in Haralson County, including small family cemeteries.   While surveys for all cemeteries are

 included in the Haralson County Cemetery Book, only surveys that are underlined below are linked to a survey.  If you have

 a cemetery survey, please submit it to us. We still need surveys to complete the project below. 


Some additional surveys have been submitted directly to the archives.


Also, check out findagrave and the Tombstone Transcription Project.





 Aldridge Family                   



 Anderson Family                   



 Antioch Baptist Church            



 Antioch Missionary Baptist



 Baptist Tabernacle                



 Bethany Church                  



 Bethel Baptist



 Bethlehem Baptist





 Cynthia E. Brannon Henderson

 Bremen City                    


 Bill Jones









 Bill Jones

 Buchanan Church of God            



 Buchanan City                     





 E. Robertson

 Bush Family                       



 Centre Primitive                  



 Clay Family                       


 E. Robertson

 Corinth Baptist                   



 Crossroads Baptist                


 Special Donation B.Allred




 District Line Methodist



 Draketown Baptist



 Dugdown Baptist                   






 Ebenezer Methodist Church         


 Donald Allen

 Old Ebenezer Cemetery    E. Robertson

 Edgefield Baptist                 



 Edgewood Cemetery                


 Deborah Ballew

 Estes Family                






 Ezell & Garner



 Fellowship Baptist



 Felton Garden of Memory


 Bill Jones

 Felton Methodist



 Forest Lawn Parts 1-2-3






 Goldin Burial Ground



 Gospel Time Baptist





 Bill Jones

 Haney Family



 Harper Burial Site


 Bill Jones

 Holcombe Family


 Sandra Allen

 Holland Cemetery


 LaRealia Camp

 Hollywood (Tallapoosa City Cemetery)






 Jackson Baptist Chapel            






 Kilgore Cemetery


 Deborah Ballew

 Laurel Hill


 E. Robertson

 Liberty Cemetery


 Sandra Allen




 Little Creek



 Little Vine


 Bill Jones

 Lime Branch - partial


 Macedonia Primitive Baptist



 Mann Family


 E. Robertson













 Mt. Newly Baptist.


 Angelo Cato

 Mt. Vernon                        



 Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery


 Eric Kennedy

 Mt. Zion East                     



 Mt.Zion West Baptist


 E. Robertson

 New Canaan



 New Hope                          



New Plainview


 E. Robertson

 Nitra Church


 Donald Allen

 Philadelphia Cemetery             



 Pine Grove                        



 Piney Woods                       



 Pleasant Grove Baptist            



 Pleasant Grove Methodist          



 Pleasant Hill-East 


 Bobby Brooks

 Pleasant Hill-West


 E. Robertson

 Poplar Springs Baptist Church



 Posey Memory Garden               



 Poseyville Church                 






 Providence Baptist                



 Reid Cemetery                     



 Riverside Baptist Church Cemetery





 Angus P. Robinson




 Salem Baptist Church



 Sanford-Goldin Cemetery


 Shiloh Primitive Baptist Cemetery



 Smith Family


 Reba Schafer

 Stedman Baptist Church Cemetery


 E. Robertson

 Tallapoosa East Baptist



 Tomlinson Family



 Union Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery


 Donald Allen

 Union Hill Methodist              



 Waco Baptist                      



 Waldrop Baptist                   









 Zion Hill Church                  



 7th Court Ground            



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