Index to 1840 Tax List
Surnames A-C

NAME                                District
ADAIR          John B.              Grove Hill
ADAMS          John                 Nowhere
ALBRIGHT       Jacob                Pocotallico
ALLEN          A. dec'd estate      Mill
ALLEN          Gray                 Pocotallico
ALLEN          Gray W.              Pocotallico
ALLEN          James                Pocotallico
ALLEN          Stephen              Peyton's
ANDERSON       James                Grove Hill
ANDERSON       James                Grove Hill
ANDERSON       Wm. dec'd            Grove Hill
ANGLIN         William              Pocotallico
ANTHONY        An R.                Peyton's
ANTHONY        Thomas B.            Peyton's
ARNOLD         Charles W.           Danielsville
ARNOLD         Elizabeth            Danielsville
ARNOLD         S. O.                Danielsville
ARNOLD         Willis               Peyton's
ARON           James C.             Pocotallico
ARON           John R.              Pocotallico
ARON           Mary                 Pocotallico
ARON           Russel D.            Pocotallico
ASKUE          Perry                Pocotallico
BAILEY         Elizabeth            Pocotallico
BAILEY         Martha               Pocotallico
BAILEY         Sarah                Pocotallico
BALLINGER      William              Affrica
BARBER         Reece                Nowhere
BARNES         Absalom              Pocotallico
BARNETT        Benjamin dec'd       Grove Hill
BARNETT        William H.           Grove Hill
BARRET         Joseph L.            Nowhere
BARTLETT       James                Nowhere
BARTLETT       James L.             Nowhere
BAXTER         John                 Nowhere
BAXTER         William              Nowhere
BEARD          John                 Nowhere
BEARD          Nathan               Nowhere
BEARD          Samuel F.            Mill
BELL           Charles A.           Pocotallico
BELL           James                Danielsville
BELL           John                 Pocotallico
BELL           John L.              Danielsville
BENNEDIC       Eli                  Fork
BENNET         Richard              Mill
BENNET         Willis H.            Peyton's
BENTON         William W.           Danielsville
BERRYMAN       Charles dec'd        Affrica
BERRYMAN       Charles T.           Affrica
BERRYMAN       John                 Affrica
BERRYMAN       Wilson               Affrica
BIRD           Frances              Danielsville
BIRD           James W.             Danielsville
BIRD           Willson J.           Danielsville
BLACK          John                 Fork
BLACK          Mathew J.            Nowhere
BLACK          Thomas J.            Fork
BLACKMAN       John                 Nowhere
BLACKMON       Owen                 Pocotallico
BOND           Esom                 Mill
BOND           Gabriel              Danielsville
BOND           James B.             Mill
BOND           John R.              Mill
BOND           Pleasant H.          Mill
BOND           Thomas               Danielsville
BONE           Barney               Pocotallico
BONE           Elizabeth            Nowhere
BONE           Hardeman             Nowhere
BONE           James                Nowhere
BONE           Pleasant W.          Nowhere
BONE           William              Grove Hill
BORUM          Sarah                Danielsville
BOWMAN         Moses                Nowhere
BOWMAN         Moses                Nowhere
BRADBERRY      Mr.                  Fork
BRADBERRY      Spencer E.           Peyton's
BRADBERRY      William              Peyton's
BRADBERRY      William H.           Peyton's
BRADLY         James                Grove Hill
BRAGG          George               Affrica
BRAGG          George               Peyton's
BRAGG          Humphrey             Affrica
BRAGG          Joseph               Affrica
BRANNON        James A.             Mill
BRAY           Benjamin             Pocotallico
BRAY           Ezekiel              Pocotallico
BRAY           John                 Pocotallico
BRIDGES        Isaac                Grove Hill
BRIDWELL       Moses                Fork
BRIDWELL       Moses S.             Fork
BROACH         George               Peyton's
BROACH         James                Peyton's
BROACH         Thomas A.            Mill
BROWN          B. dec'd             Danielsville
BROWN          Benjamin             Pocotallico
BROWN          John F.              Fork
BROWN          Robert G.            Danielsville
BROWN          Samuel B.            Fork
BRYANT         Jason                Mill
BRYANT         John                 Mill
BRYANT         John P.              Mill
BUCKHANON      Catharine            Fork
BULLOCK        Alexander G.         Grove Hill
BULLOCK        Richard H.           Grove Hill
BURROUGHS      Isaac                Grove Hill
BURROUGHS      James                Grove Hill
BURROUGHS      Permelia             Grove Hill
BURROUGHS      William F.           Grove Hill
BUTLER         George               Fork
BUTLER         Joel                 Fork
BUTLER         Patrick R.           Fork
CALDWELL       John E.              Pocotallico
CARITHERS      Amos                 Danielsville
CARITHERS      Augustus W.          Grove Hill
CARITHERS      James                Peyton's
CARITHERS      James W.             Peyton's
CARITHERS      John                 Peyton's
CARITHERS      John R.              Danielsville
CARITHERS      Mary                 Danielsville
CARITHERS      Robert D.            Peyton's
CARITHERS      William C.           Danielsville
CARITHERS      William M.           Danielsville
CARRINGTON     Augustus G.          Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Harrison W.          Mill
CARRINGTON     Harrison W.          Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Henson [dec'd]       Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Henson T.            Peyton's
CARRINGTON     James                Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Mary                 Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Micajah              Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Perry                Peyton's
CARRINGTON     Pitman               Peyton's
CARRUTH        Adam, dec'd          Pocotallico
CARRUTH        Alexander L.         Pocotallico
CARRUTH        Alfred               Pocotallico
CARRUTH        Iredill              Pocotallico
CARRUTH        James                Danielsville
CARRUTH        James E.             Pocotallico
CARRUTH        James W.             Danielsville
CARRUTH        John T.              Danielsville
CARRUTH        Leroy C.             Pocotallico
CARRUTH        William M.           Danielsville
CARTLEDGE      Sam'l                Peyton's
CHANDLER       Asa A.               Pocotallico
CHANDLER       Calvin J.            Pocotallico
CHANDLER       Dudley J.            Pocotallico
CHANDLER       Frances C.           Pocotallico
CHANDLER       Sterling             Pocotallico
CHEEK          William              Affrica
CHRISTIAN      Mary                 Pocotallico
CHRISTIAN      Nancy                Pocotallico
CHRISTIAN      Wm. A.               Pocotallico
CLEGHORN       John                 Pocotallico
CLEGHORN       John H.              Pocotallico
CLEGHORN       Milton P.            Pocotallico
CLEGHORN       Wm. R.               Pocotallico
CLEMENTS       Noble                Peyton's
COFFEE         James                Danielsville
COIL           Jeremiah             Fork
COIL           unnamed orphan       Peyton's
COLBERT        Lindsay G.           Grove Hill
COLBERT        Philip dec'd         Grove Hill
COLBERT        Sanders W.           Grove Hill
COLBERT        Sarah                Grove Hill
COLLINS        Elba                 Pocotallico
COLLINS        John                 Peyton's
COLLINS        John W.              Peyton's
COLLINS        Thomas               Peyton's
COLLINS        William              Peyton's
COMPTON        James                Mill
COMPTON        Thomas               Mill
CONNALLY       Samuel W.            Pocotallico
CONNALLY       Thomas               Pocotallico
COOPER         Francis M.           Peyton's
COX            William J.           Grove Hill
CRAWFORD       Augustus             Danielsville
CRAWFORD       Mary C.              Nowhere
CRESWELL       Charles              Danielsville
CRIDENTON      John A.              Danielsville
CRIDER         John L.              Affrica
CULBERTSON     Isaac N.             Danielsville
CULBERTSON     Jefferson            Grove Hill

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