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Surnames S - Z

NAME                                  DISTRICT
SAILERS             David F.          Nowhere
SAILERS             John              Nowhere
SAILERS             William           Nowhere
SANDERS             Argalus           Grove Hill
SANDERS             David M.          Fork
SANDERS             Hardy T.          Danielsville
SANDERS             James             Grove Hill
SANDERS             James             Grove Hill
SANDERS             James H.          Fork
SANDERS             John              Grove Hill
SANDERS             Jonathan          Fork
SANDERS             Jonathan          Grove Hill
SANDERS             Joseph            Grove Hill
SANDERS             Mary's children   Grove Hill
SANDERS             Richard           Fork
SANDERS             William           Grove Hill
SANDERS             William J.        Grove Hill
SARTAIN             Elisha            Affrica
SARTAIN             John              Affrica
SARTAIN             John Jr.          Affrica
SAYE                William H.        Grove Hill
SCARBOROUGH         Frederick         Affrica
SCARBOROUGH         Frederick Jr.     Affrica
SCARBOROUGH         Lewis             Affrica
SCOTT               James             Mill
SCOTT               John Jr.          Mill
SCOTT               John Sr.          Mill
SCOTT               Patrick           Nowhere
SCOTT               Wm. C.            Mill
SEEGAR              Samuel            Pocotallico
SEEGRAVES           Alfred            Nowhere
SEEGRAVES           Noah              Nowhere
SEEGRAVES           William Jr.       Nowhere
SEEGRAVES           William Sr.       Nowhere
SEWELL              Frances           Pocotallico
SEWELL              G. B.             Pocotallico
SEWELL              James             Pocotallico
SEWELL              Marion            Pocotallico
SHIELDS             Susannah          Pocotallico
SHIELDS             William           Pocotallico
SHOEMAKER           Adam              Mill
SHOEMAKER           James             Pocotallico
SIMMONS             Abram             Mill
SIMMONS             David P.          Peyton's
SIMMONS             Francis           Fork
SIMMONS             H. M. [dec'd]     Mill
SIMMONS             Isaac             Peyton's
SIMMONS             John              Fork
SIMMONS             Mary              Peyton's
SIMS                Bennet            Grove Hill
SIMS                Burkly            Grove Hill
SIMS                Murry             Grove Hill
SIMS                Nancy             Peyton's
SMITH               Aaron             Affrica
SMITH               David             Nowhere
SMITH               Elijah            Affrica
SMITH               Elizabeth         Grove Hill
SMITH               Elizabeth         Peyton's
SMITH               Henry             Nowhere
SMITH               Henry P.          Peyton's
SMITH               Henry P.          Peyton's
SMITH               Isham             Affrica
SMITH               Jackson           Nowhere
SMITH               Porter D.         Fork
SMITH               Robert            Nowhere
SMITH               Sibby             Peyton's
SMITH               William M.        Nowhere
SMITH               William M.        Nowhere
SORRELLS            Alexander H.      Grove Hill
SORRELLS            Richard T.        Grove Hill
SORRELS             Richard W.        Mill
STANDEFORD          Tilman            Grove Hill
STANDIFER           Joshua            Grove Hill
STAPLES             Amos              Nowhere
STEPHENS            Caleb N.          Mill
STEPHENS            James             Peyton's
STEPHENS            Joshua            Mill
STEPHENS            Nelson            Mill
STEPHENS            Shadrick          Mill
STEPHENS            Stephen B.        Mill
STOVALL             John R.           Pocotallico
STREETMAN           John W.           Nowhere
STRICKLAND          Charles           Pocotallico
STRICKLAND          Ephraim           Mill
STRICKLAND          Hardy             Pocotallico
STRICKLAND          Henry P.          Danielsville
STRICKLAND          Isaac             Pocotallico
STRICKLAND          Jacob, dec'd      Nowhere
STRICKLAND          Kinchin           Danielsville
STRICKLAND          Martha            Pocotallico
STRICKLAND          Peter H.          Nowhere
STRICKLAND          Samuel            Nowhere
STRICKLAND          Solomon           Mill
STRICKLAND          Susannah Jr.      Pocotallico
STRICKLAND          Susannah Sr.      Pocotallico
STRICKLAND          William           Mill
STRICKLAND          Willis            Peyton's
STRICKLAND          Willis H.         Danielsville
SWINDLE             Solomon           Fork
TABER               Adkason           Danielsville
TABER               Jeffrey           Danielsville
TATE                Robert L.         Danielsville
TAYLER              Daniel Jr.        Nowhere
THOMPSON            Ancial            Danielsville
THOMPSON            James             Grove Hill
THOMPSON            James Jr.         Grove Hill
THOMPSON            John              Danielsville
THOMPSON            John              Peyton's
THOMPSON            S. B.             Mill
THOMPSON            Sarah             Grove Hill
THOMPSON            William           Affrica
THOMPSON            William           Danielsville
THRELKELD           Jefferson B.      Peyton's
THRELKELD           Oliver            Peyton's
THRELKILD           Thomas D.         Peyton's
TOLBOT              Harmon            Nowhere
TOWNS               James             Nowhere
TRIBBLE             James S.          Grove Hill
TRIBBLE             John T.           Grove Hill
TRIBBLE             John T.           Nowhere
TRIBBLE             Phereby           Grove Hill
TRIBBLE             Spillsby          Grove Hill
TUCKER              Benajah H.        Peyton's
VANDERFORD          Barzalar          Nowhere
VANDERFORD          Josiah            Nowhere
VANLANDINGHAM       P.P.A.D.          Fork
VAUGHN              William           Fork
VEAL                Alexander         Mill
VEAL                James             Mill
WAILS               S. B. dec'd       Grove Hill
WALLIS              John              Affrica
WARE                Asa J.            Mill
WARE                Augustus G.       Mill
WARE                Brittain S.       Danielsville
WARE                Elisha            Danielsville
WARE                Malinda           Danielsville
WATSON              Gidean            Nowhere
WATSON              John W.           Nowhere
WATSON              William           Nowhere
WHITE               H. P.             Danielsville
WHITE               Henry             Nowhere
WHITE               Isaiah M.         Danielsville
WHITE               James R.          Peyton's
WHITE               Luke              Danielsville
WHITE               Martin            Fork
WHITE               Stephen           Danielsville
WHITEHEAD           Green B.          Danielsville
WHITWORTH           Samuel            Grove Hill
WHITWORTH           William S.        Grove Hill
WILDER              Levi              Pocotallico
WILHITE             Jesse G.          Fork
WILHITE             John dec'd        Danielsville
WILHITE             John M.           Danielsville
WILLIAMS            Birdy             Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Brittain S.       Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Davison           Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Elijah            Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Isham             Nowhere
WILLIAMS            James C.          Nowhere
WILLIAMS            James M.          Nowhere
WILLIAMS            John              Nowhere
WILLIAMS            John              Nowhere
WILLIAMS            John Y.           Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Joseph            Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Madison           Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Nathan            Affrica
WILLIAMS            Pleasant          Nowhere
WILLIAMS            Robert Sr.        Nowhere
WILLIAMS            William           Nowhere
WILLIAMS            William B.        Nowhere
WILLIFORD           Henry             Peyton's
WILLIFORD           Samuel            Nowhere
WILLIFORD           William Wms.      Peyton's
WILSON              Samuel D.         Grove Hill
WIN                 Daniel            Fork
WIN                 Ezekiel           Fork
WINDHAM             Chapman           Grove Hill
WITCHER             Benjamin          Peyton's
WITCHER             Charles T.        Peyton's
WOOD                John              Danielsville
WOODS               James             Fork
WOODS               John              Fork
WOODS               Robert            Fork
WOODS               Robert            Fork
WOODS               Robert            Peyton's
WOODS               William           Fork
WOODS               Benjamin W.       Peyton's
WOODSON             [No first name]   Danielsville
WOOTEN              James G.          Grove Hill
WORTHAM             George            Grove Hill
YERBY               Everet            Grove Hill
YERBY               Robert            Grove Hill

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