Letter from T. E. Dudley
Grandson of Ignatius Dudley and the son of John T. Dudley the teacher


Hillcrest Home
Harrison Ark.
Dec. 12, 1956

Dear Mrs. Stevenson,

I will ans. Your communication to the best of my ability. I know nothing of the Warner(?) family but I do know a few things about the Dudley family. Dating back to the 17th Century. This information told me by Father. He said there were 3 brothers came to this country some time in the 17th century from England. My grandfathers name was Ignatius and he had a brother, Bill. The other brother I do not remember his name. _________ _____ all and in Georgia. My father was

John T. Dudley was born in Georgia 1823. The family moved to Weakly County Tennessee. Don’t know how long they remained there. They moved to Choctaw Co. Miss. I think about 1835.  My family of 6 girls and 2 boys. They are all dead but me. I am 95 years old. I think that this Mrs. Pitman you spoke of being your cousin is a daughter of Frank Dudley.  I saw Frank and one of his girls in 1911.  Her name was Frankie. I understood that he had 3 or more girls at home. Frank was the only son of my Uncle Charles Dudley. If I am correct, in my fathers family was 5 boys and 5 girls. Names: Charles, John, Jake, Tom, and George. My father and Uncle George was the ones that got out of the way alive. This is about all I can tell you. Excuse bad writing. I can’t do any better

Respectly your friend

T. E. Dudley

P. S.
After thought, said first Dudley was an old sea Captain or slave runner from Africa. His bro. name unknown. Run a powder mill on Broad River in Georgia. Had an accident. Explosion. Was blown out in the River. Eyes put out. Rescued by others. That too has been told down for generations.

Contributed by Charlotte Collins Bond

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