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Letters from
Robert Thomas Rogers
to his future wife
Miss Mary Smith

Robert Thomas Rogers was born 13 Dec 1844 in Jackson County, Georiga.  He was the son of William S. Rogers and Elizabeth Cementha Stapler.   Robert served in Company C, 18th Georgia Regiment, CSA, and later in Company B of Doroughs Battalion.  He received a body wound for which he later received a pension.  During his service, he wrote to his future wife, Mary Elizabeth Clarissa Smith.  She was the daughter of William M. Smith and Martha "Patsy" Bowman of Madison County.  Robert and Mary were married in Madison County on 1 Sep 1864.

Most of the letters below are copies typed from the originals by Robert and Mary's granddaughter, Ruby Rogers Cuff.

Robert T. Rogers to Miss Mary Smith - 21 May 1862
Robert T. Rogers to Miss Mary Smith - 15 Jul 1862
Robert T. Rogers to Miss Mary Smith - 12 May 1863
Robert T. Rogers to Miss Mary Smith - 11 Jun 1863
Robert T. Rogers to Miss Mary Smith - 12 Jun 1863
Robert T. Rogers to Mrs. Mary Rogers - 12 Apr 1865


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Transcription of the above letter:

                                                                                              This the 12 of May 1863
Camp of the 18 ga grey  Near Fredericksburg

Dear Miss   I take the opportunity to address you a few lines to let you know that I am well and am out safe. I hope those few lines will come to hand and find you and all the rest well.  Dear friend I received your kind letter.  youz it was sed that their was no happiness to be seene hear  that is so.  but their is a hepe of trubble hear we dont now whether we will live a day or not and their is times we dont now whether we will live to see the next our or the next minit or not   you better bleave it is the serious thing that that ever I was in   I makes me feel bad an lonsom to think of it.  I cant inform you how it makes us feal.  I was glad to hear that you was well.  I have not much to rite to you  you have heard of the fight.  I received your letter after I com out of the fight   I feal happy that I was spaired out to read your kind letter.  I have not had time to rite till now. We jus got back to our old camps yestady.  Two weeks to day since we left our camps. we was in the line of battle 7 or 8 days and knights.  I am a fraid thay will not many of us tha will see peace, but I hope we will see our pleasure to gether and peace in this world.  Now is the time to gow to church.  loks like all of the Cons will die and get kild if the war lasts 4 or 5 year  I dont know what you girls will do for seete harts.  if peace was made in that time.  I was sorry to hear Jack Ash was ded.  Loid is well, Henry White ses he is he is jus com from their and all the rest of the boys that is left.  I wish I cold see you and talk with you it wold be a grate deal of pleasure to me bu lord only knows wether we will ever meete in this world or not, if not I hope we will meete in heavin.  did you ever get the yankey love letter I sent to you.  A girl sent it to me.    R. T. R to M. J. C. Smith



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