Alexander Human
Division of Estate

Madison County, GA
Deed Book J, page 536

Madison County

Know all me by these presents that we, Elizabeth Human, widow of Alexander Human, deceased, Frederick Human and Isabel Human, legal heirs of the said Alexander Human, deceased, all being of lawful age, do by mutual consent this day agree to divide the estate of said Alexander Human, deceased, which consists of a tract of land in said county whereon we, the above named legatees, now live, in the following manner, to wit; to run a dividing line through said tract of land commencing at a white oak near the spring, a fore and aft or station tree on the line of said tract of land, running a south east direction until strikes a certain Ridge Road near the mill on said road, thence across said road in a strait direction to James M. Powers’ line; and further agree that Elizabeth Human and Isabel Human jointly to have the southwest side of said land, and Frederick Human to have the northeast side of said line, and each to take his or her portion of land at valuation, to be valued by disinterested men chosen by said legatees, and we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns each separately in the just and full sum of five hundred dollars for the faithful adherence of this agreement or division.

In testimony whereof we do hereunto set our hands and affix our seals this the 15 day of Nover 1858.

Elizabeth (x) Human
Frederick Human
Isabel (x) Human

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in presence of
Francis E. Power
John B. Moon
Wm. Eberhart, J.P.

Recorded 7th December 1858
J. M. Skinner, Clk

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