The will of George Preston Whitworth
25 July 1958
Contributed by Sandi Franklin

Georgia, Madison Co.

We, George Preston Whitworth and Clara E. Whitworth (also known as Clara T. Whitworth) of Madison County, Georgia being of sound and disposing mind and memory do hereby make this our last will and testament revoking all other by us heretofore made.

Item 1. - We, having now reached our three score and ten years and having lived as companions in marriage for more than fifty years during which time we have worked hard and maintained a Christian home and properly reared and schooled our six children, we wish to execute this mutual will.

Item 2. - It is true that we have had our reverses, our setbacks and heartaches through the years but, by the Grace of our Lord and Savior, whom we both revere, we have been able to maintain our homestead and to preserve the birth place of our children so that they may always have a place to come home to if they may desire.

Item 3. - Now that we have reached this situation in our life and with all of our children being well established in their own right we realize that whatever we two now possess belongs to each of us in common, we therefore make this our last joint and mutual will.

Item 4. - It is our will that each of us shall have a decent Christian burial in keeping with the prevailing circumstances at the time of our death.

Item 5. - We further will and bequeath that whatever property may be in our possession at the time of the death of the one first dying, whether it be real estate, bonds of any description, bank deposits, money or any and all other personal property belonging to the one so dying shall become the sole property of the one surviving. The survivor is willed said property in fee simple, to dispose of any or all of it as he or she may desire.

Item 6. - It is also our will that whenever the survivor dies that he or she too shall have a decent Christian burial similar to the other.

Item 7. - It is our will and desire that we be buried side by side in our family burial grounds known as the Hampton-Whitworth Cemetery; or it may be permissible if a satisfactory lot is obtained to bury us at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery at Neese. We further direct that a suitable marker be obtained and placed at the site of our burial.

Item 8. - It is our will and we so bequeath, that in this final agreement concerning our earthly possessions, that whenever both of us have departed this life, that whatever property remains, shall be equally divided between our four worthy sons and two wonderful daughters, namely: Paul C. Whitworth, Coyle H. Whitworth, George T. Whitworth, John B. Whitworth, Mrs. Lucille W. Dillard and Mrs. Clara Elizabeth (Betty) Bradley. It is our wish that this property be shared equally and alike by our said children.

Item 9. - If any one or more of our children should predecease us or should predecease the survivor, leaving lineal descendants that the lineal descendants of the one so dying shall stand in place of the deceased parent and shall inherit per stripes (?). It is our intention to treat our children or any of them having died and leaving children so that no injustice shall be done any of them.

Item 10. - It is also our will that any indebtedness that may be against either of us or against the estate be paid before any provision thereof is made.

Item 11. - We name and appoint as the representative of said estate, and executrix thereof, our daughter, Mrs. Lucille Whitworth Dillard and should she predecease us or fail and refuse to qualify for any reason, we name as alternate, Mrs. Betty Whitworth Bradley.

We bestow upon our executrix, if any sale or sales of any of our property, becomes necessary after the death of both of us, the power of sale with or without the order of any court and with or without any advertisement if she may deem best.

This the 25 day of July, 1958

Signed by George Preston Whitworth and
Clara E. Whitworth

Published, declared and executed by G. Preston Whitworth and Clara E. Whitworth as their joint and mutual last will and testament both testators having signed in our presence and we having signed in each of their presence and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses and at their special instance and request.

Signed by C. F. Burroughs
C. M. Thompson
Carl S . Bolton

Probated Will Solemn Form--Admitted to record May 12, 1976
Coke David, Probate Judge, Madison County Georgia

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