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17th Regiment, GA Volunteer Infantry, Company A

Army of Northern VA, CSA

Webster Rifles, Webster Co., GA


These records were abstracted from the Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865, from volume 2, pages 560-663, compiled for the State of Georgia by Lillian Henderson, Director Confederate Pension and Record Department. These volumes give more information than what is listed below, in most cases it will give the length of the soldier's service, if he was promoted and if he died during his enlistment. Be sure and use these books for more complete information on your soldier.



Harrell, D. B., Captain, August 13, 1861
Wilmont, Daniel H., Captain, January 8, 1863
Monk, Merida K., 1st Lieutenant, August 13, 1861
Beeland, Z., 2nd Lieutenant, August 13, 1861
Coward (Cowart), J. B., Jr. 2nd Lieutenant,August 13, 1861
King, John R., 1st Sergeant, August 13, 1861
King, Rufus, W., 2nd Sergeant, August 13, 1861
Lowery, Robert H., 3rd Sergeant, August 13, 1861
Chappell, William H., 4th Sergeant, August 13, 1861
Ealam (Elam) Adolphus G., 5th Sergeant, August 13, 1861
Torbert, James M., 1st Corporal, August 13, 1861
Allen, Joseph B., 2nd Corporal, August, 13, 1861
Bell, Robert A., 3rd Corporal, August 13, 1861
---------------, 4th Corporal, August 13, 1861

Privates, as of Aug. 13, 1861, unless otherwise noted

Allen, Benjamin A.
Allen, William M.
Anderson, Marti D.
Battle, Randolph
Boone, George W.
Brightwell, Franklin
Brightwell, Henry
Brightwell, Jonathan
Brightwell, William
Brinson, Frank
Causey, Franklin
Champion, George
Cobb, Thomas
Cole, Richard M.
Cooper, Jonathan L., Private, March 3, 1862
Darby, James Lowry
Dumas, Frank
Elder, John D., Private, March 10, 1862
Fields, Allen
Gardiner, John
Gardiner, Osgood
Griffs, William H.
Gunnells, William H.
Harrell, Ridson
Harris, James W.
Harris, William H., Private, October 7, 1862
Hawkins, John W. A.
Holmes, William H.
Johnson, Felix, Private, December 4, 1862
Jones, Samuel R.
Jowers, Franklin M.
King, William
Langford, Newell S. William
Little, James W.
Lowery, John A., Private, October 7, 1862
Marshall, Hugh M.
Mathew, Colby L.
McFarland, Henry J.
Morrow, Daniel
Morrow, John
Owens, John Glenn
Owens, William D.
Palmer, John R.
Parker, Robert K., Private, April 2, 1864
Parker, Robert T.
Peak (Peek), Daniel
Phillips, Key, Private, March 30, 1862
Roberts, Reese B.
Rosser, George S., Private, January 1, 1862
Smith, N. W.
Steel, M. W.
Stephens, Henry, Private, November 20, 1863
Stephens, William B.
Torbert, Samuel
Wells, Henry D.
Whaley, John
Wilder, Charles
Wilson, John
Young, Robert



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