Worth County Cemeteries


Name Latitude Longitude Location
Antioch Cemetery 313725N 0835137W Sylvester
Bethel Cemetery 313352N 0835706W Acree
Butts Cemetery 314803N 0835155W Pateville
Chapel Hill Cemetery 312554N 0835528W Bridgeboro
Damascus Cemetery 313159N 0834016W Sumner
Eady Family Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery 312603N 0834714W Tempy
Evergreen Cemetery 312519N 0835247W Bridgeboro
Fort Early Cemetery 314944N 0835546W Warwick
Friendship Cemetery 314259N 0840012W NE Albany
Galson Cemetery 312212N 0834058W Norman Park
Harrisonville Cemetery 312540N 0835110W Tempy
Herring Family Cemetery      
Hillcrest Cemetery 313102N 0835021W Sylvester
Isabella Cemetery 313413N 0835139W Sylvester
Kimball Cemetery 312205N 0835057W Sigsbee
Liberty Hill Cemetery 312225N 0835603W Doerun
Millers Chapel Cemetery 313427N 0834401W Sumner
Morning Star Cemetery 313259N 0835622W Acree
Mount Horeb Cemetery 314142N 0835713W Doles
New Bethel Cemetery 312923N 0835147W Tempy
New Bethel Cemetery 312654N 0834553W Tempy
New Prospect Cemetery 312360N 0834211W Ty Ty
New Union Cemetery 314534N 0835314W Warwick
Oak Grove Cemetery 312814N 0834947W Tempy
Oakfield Cemetery 314646N 0835757W Warwick
Oakfield Cemetery 314635N 0835822W Warwick
Old Mount Horeb Cemetery 314157N 084024W NE Albany
Old Sumner Cemetery 313247N 0834312W Sumner
Parker Cemetery 312917N 0835641W Bridgeboro
Parkerville Cemetery 312658N 0835619W Bridgeboro
Paulks Chapel Cemetery 312127N 0834157W Norman Park
Pinder Town Cemetery 314440N 0835955W Doles
Pine Forest Cemetery 312650N 0834432W Ty Ty
Pine Hill Cemetery 312539N 0833941W Ty Ty
Pine Hill Cemetery 312653N 0834215W Ty Ty
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 313518N 0834704W Sylvester
Porter Family Cemetery
Poulan Cemetery 313041N 0834657W Sylvester
Providence Cemetery 313942N 0835228W Cuffietown
Red Oak Cemetery 314216N 0835205W Cuffietown
Rocky Creek Cemetery 312106N 0834005W Norman Park
Rocky Mount Cemetery 312458N 0835952W Bridgeboro
Saint James Cemetery 313931N 0835748W Doles
Salem Cemetery 313730N 0835501W Acree
Shady Grove Cemetery 313729N 0835423W Acree
Shingler United Methodist Church     6 mi. N of Sylvester
Sikes Cemetery 313432N 0835115W Sylvester
Sikes Cemetery     North of Isabella
Story Odom Family Cemetery 314758N 0835048W Pateville
Sumner Cemetery 313016N 0834423W Sumner
Tempy Cemetery 312654N 0834913W Tempy
Thornhill Cemetery 312805N 0834652W Tempy
Tompkins Cemetery 312136N 0834343W Norman Park
Union Cemetery 312157N 0835305W Doerun
Warwick Cemetery 314935N 0835517W Warwick
Willis Cemetery 312728N 0834022W Ty Ty
Daniel Willis Family Cemetery 312835 0834806W Tempy
Wrights Chapel Cemetery 312219N 0834514W Sigsbee

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