Eady Family Cemetery, Worth County Georgia

William H. Eady, CSA marker, b. June 21, 1848, d. May 18, 1924, Served in Co. F, 10 Ga Regt. CSA, on detail 12/1/64 to end paroled Albany 5/65, father: Edward Eady This is the only headstone left in the Eady Cemetery.  Reports by the son of one of the owners of the property upon which the cemetery is located states there were probably 20 or so wooden headstones which burned. The Eady cemetery is located on private land at the southern end of Worth Cnty, just south of Warrior Creek.  One must go into Colquitt County and turn west on a dirt road just south of Warrior Creek...then access private land  
raised bricked in plot for two, no headstone.. Jimmie Langdale said he was told that this is the resting place for Edward and Hannah Stephens Eady.. Edward died on or about 1907 He filed his last CSA pension application in 1907.  Hannah filed a widow's pension in 1908, which may indicate her death in 1908. Edward Eady lost his holdings north of Warrior Creek in the 1890's to a family from the Carolinas...he continued to live on the property which encompassed the cemetery. Edward states on his CSA pension that he was born in SC in 1814 and came to Ga when age 21 (1835 or so)  Hannah was born in 1820 in Dooley County, Ga
Lydia Ann (Liddyann) Eady, b. 1844 date of death unknown but around 1925-30 No headstone.. but buried at the head of Edward & Hannah with a Bridal bush planted there.. spoke to witness of the burial.. Other Eady who remembered the wagon going through Warrior Creek from the family cabin Edward and Hannah are listed on the Dooley County 1850 census...There are several Stephens listed living nearby  
as of the present, these are the only ones identified at the cemetery.   Note for other researchers: James E. Eady and wife Elizerann Roads Eady along with Elizerann's mother is buried in the Willis Cemetery on Sledge Road. Elizerann's Mother was a Roads, then married a Hutchins in 1850.  Her headstone in the Willis Cemetery reads Hutchins and is beside/near Elizerann's.

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