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Earliest Churches and Leaders:

Mt Erion Church, pre 1837

Hepzibah Church, pre 1835

Liberty Methodist Church - located about 3 miles south of Buena Vista, founded ca 1831.

Mt Zion Church, pre 1836

New Bethel Church, pre 1836

Pineville Baptist Church, also founded by Elder Andrew Hood, founded in the 1830s.

Ramah Church, pre 1837

Sardis Baptist Church - located southeast of Tazewell, founded by Elder Andrew Hood. Elder Joseph John Battle moved to this church in 1835. 

Shiloh-Marion Baptist Church, built 1835 (founded 1810)

Uchee Church - 2 miles north of Buena Vista on Uchee Creek, founded ca 1830.

Union Baptist Church - located in Marion County in the portion that became Macon County, started 15 August 1831-More coming

Union (Primitive) Baptist Church, founded in the 1840's-1850's (was located on Old Columbus Rd, near Hwy 137; burned in the 1940's, cemetery is still there)  Do not confuse this with the one above, or the Union Methodist Church in Draneville.

United Baptist Church, founded before 1837

Members of Uchee and Liberty merged with the Methodist Church in Buena Vista in the 1850's.


Rev. David N Burkhalter was a early prominent minister who moved from Warren County to Tazewell in 1831, serving the area by establishing churches and

holding revivals.  Ministers during the 1840's included D N Burkhalter, Andrew Hood, William L Patrick, Joseph J Battle, David J Apperson, James Perryman,

Isaac Hart and Samuel Anthony.


Georgia, Columbus Association 1835, and Churches:

Marion County:

Union, 58 members

Hephzibah, 2 baptised, 59 members


Triennial Baptist Convention, 1836:

Georgia, Bethel Association and Churches:

Marion County:

Mt Zion, 1 baptised, 19 members

New Bethel, 6 baptized, 89 members

Phillipi, Peter Steward- Minister, 8 baptized, 33 members

Ramah, 9 baptised and 51 members

Sardis, J J Battle-minister, 3 baptised and 49 members


25 Aug 1836, Columbus Enquirer, mentioning Elias Story, David N Burkhalter, Benj E Davis, George A Chappell.


Upatoi Primitive Baptist Association, 1837

First Session:   Dear Brethren in the Lord, we a few of the scattered Baptist Churches, of the Primitive Order after having met in Council at Union Church, Marion

County, Georgia by delegation, November 4, 1837 were constituted into an Association denominated the Apostolic Baptist Association. We therefore, as an

association, do offer a friendly correspondence to our sister associations, of our faith and order. Dear Brethren, by the mercies of a kind Providence we have been

permitted to meet gladly, and joyfully to sit together. Harmony, love and peace seemed to exist during the whole meeting among the Brethren, being of one mind and

speaking the self same thing. We have appointed our next association at Valley Grove, Talbot County, Georgia on Saturday before the first Sunday in November

next. We desire our Brethren, of our faith and order to meet us in our next association. Dear Brethren, we desire that the Great Head of the church may protect

you and us and enable us to keep the unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace. Yours in strong bonds of the gospel, Joseph J. Battle, Moderator; John W. Turner, Clerk.

Thirteen Churches were in the constitution of the association of which Elders Battle and Turner were Moderator and Clerk. In addition to Union other names of

Churches follow: Union, Girard, Alabama; Valley Grove, Talbot County; Mt. Erion, Marion County; Upatoi; Mt. Carmel, Muscogee County; Sardis,

Marion County; Ariel, Crawford County; Ramah, Marion County; Horeb, Talbot County; Lazar Creek, Talbot County; Hepzibah, Marion County;

Phillippi, Marion County. Messengers composing first session: Elders: James Madden, John R. Russell, M. L. McPherson, Moses Smith, J. W. Turner,

James Barrow, Joseph Battle, J. G. Barry, Andrew Hood. Brethren: Jesse Tomblin, Robert Toler, John McDowell, William Bowden, Abel Windham, Samuel

Mauk, Green Huff, John Walker, Isaac Callaway, Levi Wheelis, Samson English, Warren Dykes, Peter Stewart and G. Yelvington.

(From Ariel Primitive Baptist Church, Crawford Co GAGenWeb)



Ichaconna association 1845:

Ebenezer, 30 members

Posey's M. H., 13 baptised, 29 members

Union, 8 baptised, 37 members


By 1850 there were 22 churches in Marion County, and I would like more information on these early churches if someone has more details.  There were 13 Baptist

Churches; 8 Methodist and 1 Presbyterian Church. Some ministers from this period were Lovick Pierce, Blakely Smith, Samuel Anthony, George Pierce,

W W Stewart, Leonard Rush, William J Short, Malcolm Hair, W B Merritt, J P Wardlaw, J O Branch, E J Rentz, J W Hinton and A M Wynn.


I know that by the 1840's-1850's the Union Primitive Baptist Church was in existence and I am personally interested in the records and any information about

this church.  My understanding is that it was burned in the 1940's.  The cemetery is still there. Any information about this church or any others can be shared by

contacting me and I will place it on this website.


Mahalia Chapel and the beginnings of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Reconstruction Georgia, by Clarence D White


Mahalia Chapel in 1909, by Clarence D White


Per Clarence White, oral reports hold that the Mt Zion Primitive Baptist Church began after Emancipation or during Reconstruction under a bush, or brush, arbor.

The church building was standing in 1888 on one acre of land when the trustees acquired an additional acre from Miss Ida Munro for cemetery use. A college

professor, Miss Munro was a member of the Stevens family, large landowners and slaveholders in both Marion and Schley County. The church land property

has been expanded several times over the years. 


During the 1870's the local Primitive Baptist ministers were J R Respass, Solomon Philips and Rev Pursley.  Pastors of Baptist Churches were J H Stout,

J H Corley, W J Mitchel, B A Davis and T J Bell.  Methodist preachers were J O Branch, W W Stewart, E J Rentz, J P Wardlaw, L D Clements, B B Sims,

J B McGehee and A M Winn.  Local preachers were Judge C H McCall, W J Short, W B Merritt, W A Singleton, Isaac Hart, Malcolm Hair and C W Jones.



Brantley, Tazewell. Doyle, Union, make up the Marion, circuit—Rev. 0. E. Evans, the pastor. He has done then profitable service for three years. His parsonage is in

our town—all of us enjoy him. Should the conference return him, Marion County would give him a cordial welcome.  Rev. Jo. Short, John Short, Bedford Short, Burts,

Goodrows, Parkers, Crawford, Wells, Upton, Jo. Rogers, Stevens, Wiggins, Ed. McMichael, Persons, are among his prominent supporters.—and they make it a

desirable charge.

The Financial Board of our Methodist church is constructed of such men as J. L. Williams, Turner Williams, Rob Drane, Tom Rogers, R. Hair, Robert Clements,

W. B, Wells, E. Hornady, J. E. Moore, Dr. McMichael, W. B. Butt, H. D. Mauk, Sunday School Superintendent and cashier-bank, assisted by Robert Stokes,

and Wm. Wooten, cashier of the other bank, assisted by Brown Reese. For general cleverness I have never seen it surpassed. On their systematic activities in

church work I presume not to speak. Their well founded boast is that they always pay the preachers.


It is fortunate for Buena Vista that the town is full of Angels.  These, are as real as those that looked after Elijah at the brook Cherith. They look after

Sunday Schools, missions, prayer meetings and parsonage pantries. Though with these, their domestic cares and a few select social functions, they seem to

have no anxiety to be presidents, senators, commissioners and coroners- This is one town wheremen seem to have married above themselves. Two of the

remarkable men the ladies allow to assist them are Uncle Guthrie of the Missionary Baptist church and Uncle Short of the Brantley Methodist church. These

are remarkable old men, ages 83 and 78. They have never been known to lose an eye or limb in feeling their way to a mid-week prayer service—nor do the

labors of the day suspend the regularity of attendance. Captain and George Lowe are clever men, faithful in office, true to the Primitive church, and often

attend the others.

Current Churches:

Buena Vista

Bethany Church
Bethel Church
Bethlehem Church
Hickory Tree Church
Hilyard Church
Mount Olive Church
New Home Church
New Providence Church
Pineville Church
Poplar Springs Church
Ramah Church
Saint Paul's Church
Shady Grove Church


Church Hill

New Friendship Church



Cool Springs Church
Mount Carmel Church
Mount Carmen Church


Junction City

New Life Church
Pine Level Church



Acorn Grove Church
Mount Olive Church
Mount Pisgah Church (Blueville)
Mount Pleasant Church
Mount Zion Church
Saint Mark's Church


Sources: "History of Marion County", 1939 by Miss Nettie Powell

Columbus Association, 1835

Triennial Baptist Convention, 1836

Ichaconna Association, 1845

Autobiography of Rev J B McGehee DD of South Georgia Conference. June 16, 1915




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