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America’s Civil War Links  -- Links and more links!!!!!

An Online History The 5th Georgia Cavalry Regiment--Company E contains many from Emanuel County

1st Battalion Georgia Cavalry

2nd Battalion Georgia Cavalry--Company C Contains many from Emanuel County

12th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery

32nd Georgia Infantry--Company G is from Emanuel County

Company F, 14th Infantry & Company F, 48th Infantry

The Georgia Hussars 1861 – 1865--Chatham County  NEW!

History of the Georgia Hussars --History from  1776  NEW!

Confederate Forces

Cyndi’s List -- Civil War / War for Southern Independence

16TH Militia District Emanuel, Laurens and Johnson Counties Officers Reorganization---May 1864

3rd Georgia Calvary and the role of John F. Beasley

Fifth Georgia Calvary-Profile

Georgia Farm Boy Tells About Service in Wheeler’s Calvary

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Klob’s FarmNear Kennesaw Mountain

The American Civil War

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

The Battle of Brown’s MillNewnan, Georgia

The Battle of Dalton

Sherman In Georgia

1st Georgia Cavalry Brigade-History

3rd Georgia Calvary Brigade


Someone helping Virginia Crilley with the TAYLOR COUNTY Confederate History gave this information which probably would apply to every GA COUNTY..

"When the Taylor County militia was re-organized in late ‘63 early ‘64, eligible men and boys were duly recorded (by name, age in years and months, and listing whether they owned a rifle or shotgun, its condition, and whether they owned a horse and tack).

These rosters are organized by GMD (Ga. Militia District), just like the 1860 Census, so are easily searched. They are on microfilm at the Ga. Dept. of Archives and History (microfilm series 245, reel is either #9 or #10 [alphabetical by county]). You may wish to obtain them from GDAH (prob. costs $10-15, max), and copy onto the Web page.

Typically, a complete county roster comprises no more than 5-10 pages.

Anyone wishing the Compiled Military Service Record of a Georgia soldier can obtain it from the GDAH, simply by giving the soldier’s name—they’ll find it in their Index, then look up (alpha by regt.) on microfilm, and copy the records. It’s a 10-minute process, and they do it all the time. They can do it for anyone who served in Rucker’s Company ["Taylor Infantry"] of the 5th State Guard."


Georgia Civil War Message Boards-Rootsweb--If you have a special interest in the Civil War you should check this out.

Confederate Flag History

Home of the American Civil War  (Excellent Site)

Georgia Sons of the Confederate Veterans

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Georgia Units in the Civil War

Georgia's Union Soldiers

Georgia Civil War Message Board

Civil War Homepage

U S Civil War Center - Over 1800 indexed Civil War related links

Co. F - Cobb's Legion Calvary (men from several counties, including Emanuel) - File submitted by James E. Boyd

Silas Corbin Pension Application - War of 1812

Benjamin E. Daniels
William John Folks
The Blue and Gray Trail   North Georgia's Part in the Civil War
32nd GA Infantry
BATTLE sites – Williamsburg
Revolutionary War Units

The History Place-American Revolution

American Revolution History Archives-Northern Battles

American Revolution History Archives-Southern Battles

American Revolution History Archives

The American Revolution Home Page

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Searching for Military Metals?

The Korean War Project --database of KIA, MIA, WIA. Also a searchable off-line database for Vietnam's KIA, MIA, WIA.


Here are two addresses to write for records of relatives who have served in the armed forces.


Federal Buildings
1520 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Director Records Management & Archives Service

Secretary of States’s Office
P.O.Box 778
1001 Industrial Drive
Jefferson City, Mo 65102

Most veterans at the time of discharge are advised to file their DD Form 214, Discharge form in the county courthouse where they reside, this is usually a free service and the certified copies provided are as good as the original for the purposes of processing federally guaranteed loans, VA loans and Disability claims, etc.

Many counties file them with Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death records.

This document lists the periods of service, place of enlistment or commissioning, date of birth, SSAN if one exists, place of discharge, last known address at time of discharge, medals awarded.

Many states have a veteran’s affairs office as well that may assist you in obtaining military records.

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), a branch of the National Archives and Records Service is the official government repository for personnel records of former members of the U.S. military and former civilian employees. The facility housing military records is located at 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO. 63132.

The key to reconstructing military data is to get enough specific information from the veteran to allow the Center personnel to search the available alternate sources. The information normally required is:

1. Full name used during service

2. Branch of service

3. Approximate dates of service

4. Service number

5. Place of discharge

6. Last unit of assignment

            7. Place of entry into service


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