Whitfield County Churches

If you have any additional photographs to share, or even church histories and records, please contact Trish Elliott-Kashima.  I am sure I have inadvertently left off some churches, please let me know if so.

                                                Andrews Chapel                                                       Cohutta

                                                Antioch Baptist Church                                          Dalton

                                                Atcooga Presbyterian Church                               Dalton North

                                                Bethel Church                                                          Dalton North

                                                Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church      Dalton North

                                                Bethlehem Church                                                  Calhoun North

                                                Beulah Land Church                                               Dalton South

                                                Burning Bush AME (historical)                             Dalton                                  

                                                Calvary Church                                                        Dalton North

                                                Cedar Valley Church                                               Dalton North

                                                Center Point Church                                                Dalton South

                                                Central Church of Christ                                         Dalton North

                                                Church of Christ                                                       Dalton North

                                                Church of God                                                          Dalton North

                                                Church of the Nazarene                                          Dalton North

                                                Cohutta Cumberland Presbyterian Church         Cohutta

                                                Cohutta First Baptist Church                                 Cohutta

                                                Cohutta First Presbyterian Church                       Cohutta

                                                Concord Church                                                       Cohutta

                                                Cove Church                                                             Dalton South

                                                Crown View Baptist Church                                  Dalton North

                                                Cumberland Presbyterian Church                        Dawnville

                                                Dawnville Methodist Church                                Dalton North

                                                Deep Springs Church                                              Beaverdale

                                                Dug Gap Church                                                      Dalton South

                                                Dunnegan Church                                                   Tunnel Hill

                                                Eastside Baptist Church                                          Dalton North

                                                Eleventh Avenue Baptist Church                          Dalton North

                                                Fairground Church                                                  Dalton North

                                                Fairview Church                                                      Dalton South

                                                Fellowship Church                                                  Tunnel Hill

                                                First Baptist Church of Dalton                               Dalton North

                                                First Baptist Church of Tunnel Hill                      Tunnel Hill

                                                First Methodist Church                                           Dalton North

                                                First Methodist Episcopal Church                        Tilton

                                                First Presbyterian Church                                       Dalton North

                                                Five Springs Church                                                Dalton South

                                                Fraziers Chapel                                                        Beaverdale

                                                Freedom Baptist Church                                         Dalton North

                                                Friendship Church                                                   Dalton North

                                                Gethesemane Church                                              Chatsworth

                                                Gobblers Knob Church                                           Cohutta

                                                Good Hope Church                                                 Cohutta

                                                Good Samaritan Church                                         Dalton North

                                                Grace Church                                                           Chatsworth

                                                Green Street Baptist Church                                  Dalton North

                                                Grove Level Church                                               DaltonNorth

                                                Hamilton St Methodist Church                             Dalton North

                                                Harmony Church                                                    Dalton North

                                                Harmony Grove Church                                        Dalton North

                                                Holiness Church (historical)                                 Beaverdale

                                                Holy Hills Church                                                  Dalton South

                                                Hopewell Church                                                   Dalton North

                                                Hopewell  Baptist Church                                    Cohutta

                                                Lakeside Church                                                    Tunnel Hill

                                                Liberty Church                                                        Dalton North

                                                Liberty Church                                                       Tunnel Hill

                                                Liberty Baptist Church                                          Dalton North

                                                Liberty Bell Church                                                Beaverdale

                                                Little Prospect Church                                          Cohutta

                                                Macedonia Church                                                Dalton North

                                                Maddox Chapel                                                     Dalton North

                                                Maple Grove Church                                            Dalton North

                                                Mill Creek Baptist Church                                   Dalton

                                                Mineral Springs Methodist Church                    Dalton South

                                                Morris Street Methodist Episcopal Church       Dalton North

                                                Mount Calvary Church                                         Cohutta

                                                Mount Olivet Church                                            Cohutta

                                                Mount Pleasant Methodist Church                     Beaverdale

                                                Mount Rachel Baptist Church                              Dalton North

                                                Mount Ridge Missionary Baptist Church          Dalton North

                                                Mount Salem Church                                             Tunnel Hill

                                                Mount Vernon Church                                           Tunnel Hill

                                                Mount Zion Methodist Church                            Dawnville

                                                McFarland Hill Church                                          Dalton South

                                                McGaughey Church                                               Cohutta

                                                New Hope Church                                                 Tunnel Hill

                                                North Whitfield Church                                        Tunnel Hill

                                                Olivia Church                                                         Dalton South

                                                Overcoming Church of God                                 Dalton North

                                                Pine Grove Church                                                 Dalton South

                                                Pleasant Grove Methodist Church                       Dalton North

                                                Poplar Springs Church                                           Dalton North

                                                Prospect Church (historical)                                  Beaverdale

                                                Rays Chapel                                                             Dalton South

                                                River Bend Church                                                  Dalton South

                                                Rocky Face Baptist Church                                    Tunnel Hill

                                                Rocky Face Methodist Church (see Rocky Face Baptist)  Rocky Face

                                                Saint Josephs Catholic Church                               Dalton North

                                                Saint Marks Episcopal Church                              Dalton North

                                                Salem United Methodist Church                           Rocky Face

                                                South Cohutta Church                                             Cohutta

                                                South Dalton Baptist Church                                  Dalton

                                                Stony Point Baptist Church                                     Dalton North

                                                Swamp Creek Church                                              Carbondale

                                                Temple Bethel Church                                             Dalton North

                                                Temple Church                                                         Dalton South

                                                Tilton Baptist Church                                               Dalton South

                                                Tilton Methodist Church                                         Dalton South

                                                Tunnel Hill Baptist                                                   Tunnel Hill

                                                Tunnel Hill Methodist                                             Tunnel Hill

                                                Tunnel Hill Presbyterian Church                           Tunnel Hill

                                                Varnell Church                                                          Cohutta

                                                Varnell Baptist Church                                            Varnell

                                                Welch Memorial Church                                          Dalton North

                                                Welcome Hill Church                                               Dalton North

                                                Whitfield Baptist Church                                         Dalton




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