Emanuel County Muster Rolls

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Confederate States of America

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Confederate States of America

Emanuel County

Infantry Muster Rolls

1861 - 1865

The following muster rolls where compiled from The Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia by Lillian Henderson. Lillian Henderson was Director of Confederate Pension and Record Department of the State of Georgia during the 1950's and her office compiled the records of the Confederate Infantry soldiers of Georgia for the State. The six-volume set was published just in time for the American Civil War Centennial, 1961-1965, and may be found at any library in Georgia.

The following lists record the name, rank, and whether the individual listed was wounded, captured, killed in battle, or died of disease or wounds. For more detailed information the official records, on microfilm, or The Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia should be searched. Confederate military records, on microfilm, are found at the State Archives and some larger libraries in Georgia.

While studying the list, one must note the large number of killed and died in service. This was a tragic time, with many husbands and fathers not returning from the war. Many families were left in tragic conditions. We must respect the families that survived the war and the difficulties that followed. To these families, we give our love and respect.


Roger Ashley Pollette  

Sneads, Florida  


Company C, 38Th Regiment, Evans Brigade, Gordon’s Division
Wright’s Legion, Army of
Northern Virginia

Company G, 32d Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Army of

Company H, 48th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry
McLeod Volunteers, Wright’s Brigade, Army Of Northern Virginia

Company K, 28th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Emanuel Rangers, Army Of

Company C, 54th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Bartow Infantry, Army of Tennessee




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