CO C, 54th Regiment

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Confederate States of America

C, 54th Regiment

Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Bartow Infantry

Army of Tennessee


Key: K = Killed in Battle; W = Wounded; C = Captured; D = Died of wounds or disease


Last Name, First Rank

Green, Daniel A. Captain

Knight, R. B. Captain

Kuhlman, Christian 1st Lieutenant

Lamb, Isaac D. G. 2d Lieutenant

Sammons, Benjamin B. 1st Sergeant

Turner, William H. 1st Sergeant

Goodwin, Thomas W. 1st Sergeant

McClendon, John M. 3d Sergeant

Peeler, Isaac John 2d Lieutenant

Sumner, Jethro 1st Corporal

Durden, W. R. 2d Lieutenant

Hall, Henry Houston 3d Corporal

McGar, E. D. 4th Corporal

Allen, Thomas Private

Anderson, Swain M. Private

B. Private

Bedenfield, E. P. Private

Bedenfield, J. Private

Bell, John Private

Bishop, John Private

Boatright, B. Private

Boatright, D. D. Private

Boatright, John Private

Boatright, William Private

Brantley, Thomas M. Captain

Bryant, E. H. 5th Sergeant

Bryant, Needham W. Private

Cannady, D. B. Private

Carr, Jesse D. Private

Cheek, F. Private

Coleman, Andrew J. Private

Coleman, William T. Private D

Crooms, A. D. Private

Devereaux, D. Private

Downs, Henry T. Private

Drew, Newton Private

Dunn, Augustus H. K. Private

Durden, L. H. Private

Elliott, Robert Private

Ennis, W. R. Private

Faircloth, John Private

Farmer, D. M.


Farmer, Isaac V.


Farmer, J. M.


Ferrell, P. H. Private

Fields, James J. Private

William J. 2d Lieutenant

German, W. T. Private

Glisson, W. Private

Graham, B. R. Private

Griffin, William Thomas Private

Hall, John K. Private

Hall, J. J. Private

Hardy, William Private

Jacobs, John Private

Jenkins, E. Private

Jenkins, L. Private

Jenkins, McKibber Private

Johnson, Benjamin W. Private

Johnson, B. L. Private

Johnson, John Private

Johnson, John D. Private

Johnson, J. C. Private

Johnson, William R. Private

Jones, J. P. Private

Keen, James C. Private

Kemp, J. Private

Kennedy, William Private

Kirkland, E. L. 4th Corporal

Kirkland, H. C. C. Sergeant

Kirkland, H. T. Private

Kirkland, N. G. Private

Knight, R. T. Private

Lamb, E. R. Private

Lamb, Isaac B. Private

Lamb, Isaac M. Private

Lamb, Simeon Private

Lamb, Thomas G. Private

Lanier, T. J. Private

Layfield, James N. Private C

Layfield, Lundy Private

Lee, David J. Private

Lee, H. G. Private

Lewis, Daniel Private

Lewis, E. G. Private

Martin, W. H. Private

McBride, James F. Private

McClendon, Dennis Private

McGar, E. J. Private

Minton, S. T. Private

Moore, A. M. Private

Moore, J. S. Private D

Moore, Thomas S. Private

Morgan, C. C. Private

Morgan, Jesse C. Private

Oglesby, A. R.


Oglesby, K. T.


Oglesby, Seaborn, Jr.


Oglesby, William M.


Parish, Peter Private

Peavy, Michael Private

Rich, Andrew Jackson Private

Richardson, Samuel Private

Roberts, John S. Private C

Roberts, Thomas Private

Robertson, G. B. Private

Roe, Richard Private

Sammons, Anderson L. Private

Sammons, Wiley G. Private

Scott, H. T. Private

Sherrod, W. G. Private

Simmons, Henry E. Private

Simmons, J. F. Private

Simmons, R. G. Private

Simpson, A. E. Private

Simpson, A. S. Private

Simpson, John F. Private

Simpson, J. T. Private

Simpson, William H. Private

Smith, T. Private

Spence, J. D. 4th Sergeant

Stephens, James H. Private

Stephens, J. S. Private

Thigpen, A. Private

Tripp, J. R. Private

J. D. Private

Veal, A. J. Private

Walden, Amos Private  

Thomas H. Private C

Walters, James Private D

Watkins, Miles B. Private

Joseph Private  

J. L. Private D

Wiggins, Jesse A. Private C

Wiggins, Joseph Private C

Wiggins, John K. Private W


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