CO K, 28th Regiment

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Confederate States of America

Company K, 28th Regiment

Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Emanuel Rangers

Army Of Tennessee


Key: K = Killed in Battle; W = Wounded; C = Captured; D = Died of wounds or disease


Last Name, First Rank W/K/C/D

Wilcox, John N. Captain W

Spence, Green B. 1st Lieutenant

Crump, Pleasant F. 2nd Lieutenant

Kirkland, Benjamin F. 2d Lieutenant

Buckalew, S. R. Sergeant


Crump, Ezekiel Lewis Sergeant


Martin, John R. 1st Lieutenant

McGarr, William O. 4th Sergeant

Coleman, L. B. 4th Sergeant

Spence, Owen 1st Corporal

Drew, Jeremiah 2d Corporal

Bennett, L. J. 3d Corporal

Sherrod, Benjamin W. 4th Corporal

Walea, James S. 2d Lieutenant

Anderson, Wright Private K

Andrews, Thomas Private W

Bennett, B. L. Private


Bennett, B. N. Private

Bishop, Allen Private

Bryant, James B. Private

Coleman, Milton E. Private

Deal, William P. Private

Deriso, Green T. Private

Deriso, James E. Private

Drake, Newton J. Private

Drake, Thomas Private

Drake, Thomas C. Private D

Drew, Michael Private K

Farmer, Henry Private D

Goodwin, James E. Private C

Goodwin, Thomas W. 2d Sergeant

Green, Daniel R. Private

Green, E. L. 2d Sergeant

Grimes, Curtis C. Private D

Grimes, Francis Private D

Hall, James Private


Handberry, Hezekiah Private


Heckle, John Private


Heckle, Tolbert E. Private

Hendrix, D. C. Private W; K

Hendrix, Wiley W. Private

Horn, H. J. Private K

Jenkins, Edwin Ezekiel Private


Johnson, Daniel Wikler Private

Johnson, James M. Private C

Johnson, John D. Private

Johnson, Russell W. Private W

Johnson, Seaborn Private W

Joiner, Henry Private W

Joiner, T. B. Private D ?

Kirkland, Thomas B. Private


Lamb, James H. T. Private

Lamb, John A. Private D

Lamb, John W. Private W

Lamer, H. C. Private


Lawrence, J. D. Private

Lawson, A. W. Private K

Lodka, James Private

McKenzie, John A. Private

Miller, Godfrey Private K

Minton, George J. 1st Corporal

Moore, Thomas S. Private

Mosley (or Moxley), Eli Private K

Oglesby, A. R. Private


Oglesby, Benjamin S. Private

Overstreet, William H. Private

Perry, E. B. Private

Pierce, William L. 3d Sergeant W

Prichard, C. B. Private


Proctor, Amos M. Corporal

Proctor, A. D. Private W; D

Proctor, Jonas R. Private C

Proctor, W. A. Private K

Purvis, Adison Private D

Purvis, Obediah Private


Scarboro, George W. Private

Scarboro, Samuel H. Private C

Scarboro, William A. Private D

Screws, James Private

Screws, Thomas S. Private D ?

Shaw, G. Private D

Sherrod, Green W. Private

Sherrod, John W. 2d Sergeant

Sherrod, W. G. Private W

Spence, Jeremiah Private D

Spence, Matthew Private

Sumner, A. C. Private

Sumner, George M. Private W; D

Sumner, John A. Private D

Sumner, John W. 3d Corporal D

Sumner, S. W. L. Private C

Sumner, Willis T. Private K

Walea, W. W. Private

Wheeless, Thomas Private

Wiggins, Thomas Private D


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