CO H, 48th Regiment

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Confederate States of America

Company H, 48th Regiment

Georgia Volunteer Infantry

McLeod Volunteers

Wright’s Brigade

Army Of Northern Virginia


Key: K = Killed in Battle; W = Wounded; C = Captured; D = Died of wounds or disease


Last Name, First Rank

McLeod, Neil Captain

Edenfield, Ephraim H. 1st Lieutenant

Falligant, Champion G. 1st Lieutenant

Flanders, Alexander Chestnut 2nd Lieutenant

Moring, John W. 2nd Lieutenant

Sutton, Simeon E. 1st Sergeant D

Sherrod, Joseph L. 2nd Sergeant

Whitfield, George M. T. 2nd Lieutenant

Durden, Dennis L. 2d Lieutenant D

Williamson, Samuel C. 5th Sergenant

Coleman, John C. 2d Sergenant

Dudley, James 3d Sergenant C

Nunez, Phillip H. 5th Sergenant

Williamson, Schley H. 1st Corporal

Barwick, James J. Private

Bird, William Private D

Boyt, Stephen Private

Boyt, William B. Private

Brady, Calvin B. Private

Cannady, Henry D. Private

Coleman, Charles M. Private

Coleman, Elisha S. Private

Coleman, James Augustus 4th Corporal

Coleman, Jeremiah Private

Coleman, Mathew Private

Coleman, Leston W. Private

Coleman, M. C. 1st Corporal

Collins, James W. Private

Collins, Josiah Private

Crooner, John Private

Cowart, Isaiah Private

Cowart, William D. 5th Sergeant

Darley, Thomas C. Private

Daughtry, Abner Private

Davis, Robert R. Private

Dix, Green B. Private

Dixon, Calvin Private

Durden, James A. Private

Edenfield, Andrew J. Private

Edenfield, Richard C. Private

Edenfield, Thomas Private

Edenfield, William P. Private

Edenfield, W. Manorah Private

Faircloth, Chesley Private

Flanders, John R. Private C

Flanders, Joseph S. Private

Flanders, M. M. Private

Flanders, Richard B. Private

Flanders, William A. 4th Sergeant

Griffin, Benjamin E. Private

Griffin, David M. Private C

Griffin, Seth Private

Griffin, Theodore H. Private C

Griffin, William A. Private D

Hale, James M. Private

Hall, Thomas Private D

Hall, William Private

Hendley, Eldred Private

Herrington, Arthur Private

Herrington, Ephraim Private

Hooks, Ephraim Private

Hooks, Jeremiah Private

Hooks, John Private

Johnson, S. B. Private

Kea, Bennett Private

Kea, William W. Private

Kerby, Hiram Private

Kersey, James Irwin Private

Kersey, Jeremiah (Clem) Private

Kirkland, Joshua Private C; D

Kitchen, G. A. Private

Kitchen, James Smith Private

Lanier, Lewis Private

Lanier, Lewis F. Private

Lewis, Robert S. Private

Lively, John G. Private

Marsh, William G. Private

McCullough, Andrew Jackson Private

Meeks, William Private

Moore, Dempsey Private

Moore, William M. Private

Mosley, A. J. Private

Mosley, Clement T. Private

Mosley, William J. Private

Moxley, James Private W

Moxley, J. H. Private

Nunn, Hiram Private

Nunn, Joshua Private D

Nunn, J. B. Private

Oliff, Benjamin F. Private

Overstreet, William D. Private

Phillips, William J. Private C

Price, James H. Private

Roundtree, John M. Private

Rowell, Henry G. Private D

Scarborough, George W. Private

Scarboro, William Private

Sconyers, L. B. Private

Scott, James Private

Scott, John, Sr. Private

Skinner, Zachariah Private

Smith, Daniel S. Private

Smith, David H. Private C

Smith, John T. 1st Sergeant

Stewart, James Private

Strange, David Private

Stroud, John Private

Sumner, John W. Private D

Sumner, Joseph T. Private

Sutton, Jordan Private

Sutton, L. B. W. Private

Sutton, L. J. Private

Sutton, William C. Private

Thompson, A. L. Private

Thompson, Robert B. Private C

Thornton, Elisha Private

Trapnall, John P. Private

Turner, A. B. Private

Turner, A. W. Private

Turner, Mathew Private

Walsh, James Private

Warren, James J. Private

Webb, James A. Private

Welch, Patrick Private

Williams, Jesse Private

Williams, W. J. Private

Woods, Francis M. Private

Yeomans, John P. Private


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