CO G, 32nd Regiment

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Confederate States of America

G, 32d Regiment

Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Army of Tennessee


Key: K = Killed in Battle; W = Wounded; C = Captured; D = Died of wounds or disease

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Name, First Highest Rank W/K/C/D

Phillips, John Anthony

Ricks, Daniel L. Lieutenant

Findley, C. S. Lieutenant

Dawson, Morris Lieutenant

Phillips, Francis M. 2d Lieutenant

Cohen, O. S. Lieutenant

Martin, Isaac W. 2d Lieutenant W

Corsey, John Sergeant

Odom, M. N. 3d Sergeant

Gillis, Norman Sergeant

Kea, John N. 4th Sergeant D

Webb, W. A. 1st Corporal

Barwick, William J. 2d Corporal

Hutcheson, John T. 3d Corporal

Ricks, James H. 4th Corporal

Phillips, E. D.

Adams, Byrd Private D

Adams, George W. Private D

Adams, John W. Private D

Adams, Nathan A. Private

Adams, W. Riley Private

Atkinson, John Private

Barwick, John

Beasley, Elijah Private

Beasley, John Private W

Beasley, William A. Private

Beckworth, Simeon

Blue, John C. Private

Brinson, Matthew Private

Burton, P. C. T. Private

Canaday (Canady), James D. Private

Canaday (Canady), Moses Private

Canaday (Canady), Solomon Private

Canaday (Canady), Solomon P. W. Private

Chance, Benjamin (Barney) Private D

Coleman, C. M. Private

Connell, William Private D

Corsey, Warren Private

Davis, Daniel Private D

Davis, Henry W. Private W; D

Davis, Stafford Private

Drake, Francis M. Private

Drake, James W. Private

Drake, John S. Private

Dunn, William H. Private

Durden, Dennis S. Private

Durden, John Whitney Sergeant

Edenfield, Eli Private

Edenfield, G. W. Private

Edenfield, James A. Private

Edenfield, James I. (J.)

Edenfield, Jasper Private

Edenfield, Robert Private D

Elliott, Levi Private

Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Private

Gillis, Andrew J. Private

Gillis, Thomas G. Private

Gortatowsky, M. D. Private

Hall, Isaac Private

Hilburn, Ira H. Private

Howard, William W. Private

Hutcheson, Andrew E. Private

Hutcheson, Pharo Private

Hutcheson, Henry H. Private

Hutcheson, John Private

Hutcheson, Josiah Private

Hutcheson, Leonard 1st Corporal

Hutcheson, S. M. Private

Hutcheson, William Private C

Johnson, Archibald Private

Johnson, Morgan Private

Jones, Bird S. Private

Kea, Dennis 2d Sergeant

Kea, James 1st Lieutenant

Kea, Wesley 4th Sergeant

Kersey, William E. Private

Kieve, Adolph H. Private

Lindsey, George W. Private C

Lindsey, William Wesley Private C

Love, Joseph Private

Love, William N. Private

Lumpkin, O. K. Private

Manor, Emery Private

Martin, Dennis M. Private

Martin, John E. Private

Martin, J. A. J. Private

Martin, Nelson Wiley Private

Martin, William D. 2d Sergeant

McLemore, John L. Private

McLemore, Lawson A. C

Miller, Simon T.

Miller, Thomas Private

Moseley (Mosley), Francis M. Corporal

Moseley (Mosley), G. W. Private

Moseley (Mosley), John B. Private D

Nabb, Andrew Jackson Private

Nabb, G. W. Private

Nabb, William Private D

Neal, John W. Private

Neal, Solomon W. Private D

Noble, John

Oats, Joseph L. Private W

O'Conner, Peter Private

Peterson, A. Private

Phillips, Joseph Private

Phillips, Norwood Private

Pullin, James H. Private

Pullin, Ulicious Private D

Riner, William B. Private

Sanger (Sawyer), Phillip Private

Smith, William D. Private

Snell, James C. Lieutenant

Stewart, George Washington Private C

Story, Hamilton Private

Sutton, Leander E. Private

Tapley, John C. Private

Thigpen, John Private K

Trull, G. W. Private D

Warnock, Drury S. Private K

Warren, James Irvin Sergeant

Warren, William Private

Webb, A. G.

Weslowsky (Kieve), Adolph H. Private D

Weslowsky, A. B. Private

Weslowsky, Charles Private C

Youngblood, Henry


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