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Marion County

William Wylie Monfort, 1829-1915.

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Soldiers in the Civil War:


Allen Adams


George W Anderson


Albert G Ashmore


Joseph T Belk


Zack Belk


Isaac Peebles Blue


James Brown


Edgar M Butt


Addritt Davis


Isaac F. M .Deavers/Deavours/Deavors


Eleazer G Ivey


Miles H Melton


Richard W Melton


William Wylie Monfort


Thaddeus Oliver


Andrew Jackson Robinett


James E Short



Civil War Pensions:


Robert F Adams


I W Benson


John M Byers


O P Carswell


Isaac F. M .Deavers/Deavours/Deavors


Andrew Jackson Robinett


Mrs Martha Short, widow of James E Short


Jesse Wall



Alphabetical List of Confederate Soldiers from Marion County

Troops from Marion County, Georgia and some of the battles in which they participated: (Note: by the end of 1862, 75% of the white men from Marion County were

fighting for the Confederacy. Source: "History of Marion County", by Nettie Powell)

Company I, 2nd Georgia Regiment Infantry "Buena Vista Guards"

Malvern Hill


Company K, 12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry "Marion Guards" Company A, 27th Georgia Regiment Infantry (included men from Marion and Schley Counties) Company H, 46th Georgia Regiment Infantry Company G, 2nd Georgia Regiment Cavalry (included many men from other counties) Company G, 59th Georgia Regiment Infantry Company G, 15th Georgia Regiment State Guards (included men from Marion County)

Company H, 59th Georgia Regiment Infantry (included men from Company G, 10th GA State Troops)

Company E, 63 Georgia Regiment Volunteers (included many men from Company I, 2nd Georgia Regt.) 3rd Georgia Volunteers (formed 1864 from Marion/Schley area)

Some Individual CSA Files

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